From India to Ohio State

Kinschuk Mitra.

Kinschuk Mitra (pictured) is interested in everything—astrophysics, biology, reading, biking, sailing, traveling. Exceptional by any standards, Mitra began his second year at Ohio State this fall.

As a first-year student, Mitra successfully competed for a 10-week summer undergraduate physics research fellowship, working with Terry Walker in the Center for Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics.

Just now 18, the India native and graduate of Eton, had his pick of schools. Mitra picked Ohio State.

“I wanted to attend a school that not only had a very good reputation, but offered a wide range of solid undergraduate programs to sample from. I think I changed my major four times last year,” Mitra said.

“Also, it was important to me to be able to do independent research with a faculty advisor as soon as possible. I made a phone call to a professor here. I asked him, ‘Are you serious about your work?’ He said, ‘We’re serious about everything we do here.’ It was a defining moment.”

Mitra has never regretted his choice. “There could be no better place for me. There is so much to experience here beyond the academics.

“To be honest, tuition costs were also a factor. Fortunately, for me, Ohio State is one of very few good public universities in the United States offering financial aid to undergraduate international students. And, because of that, I am not only grateful, but feel a loyalty to Ohio State, which will always be with me. People talk about the ‘Buckeye Spirit’—I think that’s what it is: a deep sense of loyalty."

Although he is eager to learn everything, Mitra is most interested in biology and is set on eventually earning a PhD in biomedical engineering and making Columbus his home.

“I’d like to develop products to take to market right here, because I think Columbus is an ideal place to do R&D.”