Message from Dean Steinmetz

The overwhelmingly positive response that we’ve had over the past year to ASCENT is an affirmation that we are on the right track.

To keep moving in the right direction, we are changing the publication from its original divisionally focused format to one that is comprehensive and college-wide, issued twice a year. This is a true reflection of where we are now as a fully unified college.

As arguably the largest college of arts and sciences in the nation, we are bursting at the seams with stories to share with you.

Let’s start at our “front door,” where buildings housing the arts are getting a long-overdue facelift—world-class arts programs deserve world-class facilities. We invite you to attend a performance or visit one of our galleries.

Our humanities faculty and students are taking part in the Yearlong Conversation on Immigration and the Centennial Celebration of the first national Society of American Indians’ conference held at Ohio State in 1911.

A psychologist hunting for a link between prodigy and autism and a museum that preserves Ohio’s geological history illustrate the range of our science programs.

Then catch up with a few of our students and alumni making their mark on the world.

Enjoy the holidays and please let us hear from you. Our alumni are our best friends, strongest advocates, and the legacy of all we do at Ohio State.