Pachyderms on Parade

A pair of whimsical elephants, each deftly crafted of bronze and weighing 175 pounds, now perch on top of the new wedding-cake-shaped fountain gracing the pond at Goodale Park near downtown Columbus.

Two bronze elephants.

The handiwork of public artist Malcolm Cochran, professor in the Department of Art, the 18-foot-tall, year-round fountain will include water cascading over the granite base and shooting from the elephants’ trunks, as well as an underwater lighting system.

In winter, the fountain will turn to ice, while the outdoor setting will eventually turn the patina covering the elephants to a weathered shade of pewter. They are a nod back to the Sells Brothers Circus, which was based in Columbus many years ago, and their famous collection of elephants that paraded through town, said Cochran, who was commissioned to create the fountain by the Friends of Goodale Park.