A Message From Dean Steinmetz

It is my pleasure to bring you a little slice of the arts and sciences twice each year. But I invite you to come back to Ohio State any time of the year and experience for yourself:  

The excitement of being on the most dynamic and beautiful campus in the country; enthusiastic students exploring endless opportunities; faculty committed to teaching and igniting a passion for discovery.  

It could not be a better time. This year we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Morrill Act, which established our great public land grant universities that made the dream of a college education a reality for many of our great-grandparents, their sons and daughters, and ourselves.    

The College of Arts and Sciences is proud to be at the core of that land grant heritage (the roots of many of our departments go back to 1872) and our incredible land grant university that never stops working to make sure the door to the American dream remains wide open for everyone.

This October, Ohio State launched an ambitious $2.5 billion fundraising endeavor appropriate to an aspirational university that dreams big, sets audacious goals, works to meet them, and changes lives.

Already more than 400,000 alumni and friends have made contributions — powerful testimony to the belief in those dreams and the ability of Ohio State to make them come true.  

In this issue, see big dreamers changing lives: successful alumni making dreams come true for students; young alumni taking on the world; faculty and graduate students finding the key to the universe; undergraduate students starting a vibrant new club.  

What does Ohio State mean to you? Please share your story. Our alumni are our best friends, strongest advocates, and the legacy of all we do at Ohio State.

Joseph Steinmetz signature.

Joseph E. Steinmetz, PhD
Executive Dean and Vice Provost
College of Arts and Sciences
The Ohio State University