Fall Semester at Ohio State

I wish you could be here with me to experience autumn semester 2012. All over campus there is a feeling of celebration. We want to share some of the images and stories we captured during Welcome Week and over the summer.  

Thousands of enthusiastic students thronged the Oval at the Involvement Fair eager to sample Ohio State’s offerings at the booths that covered the Oval. Looking out at this sea of scarlet and gray, it was clear that this place has everything—for everyone.

I was fortunate to spend time with this newest class of students as I helped out in the College of Arts and Sciences booth. It was far more fun than I could have imagined. I came away feeling reenergized to be in a place that fuels such excitement and hope.

It is clear to me that Ohio State runs on student power! That power is renewable and life-long. Our arts and sciences alumni exhibit the power of the Ohio State spirit every day.

Please let us hear from you. If you have stories and photos from your first week at Ohio State, please share them with us. Our alumni are our best friends, strongest advocates, and the legacy of all we do at Ohio State.

Joe Steinmetz signature.

Executive Dean and Vice Provost
College of Arts and Sciences
The Ohio State University