Jumping Ahead

Tori Boggs

It’s hard to imagine Tori Boggs ever sitting still. The second-year Ohio State Honors Collegium student studying industrial design with a focus on pre-med, is the reigning World Jump Rope Female Single Rope All-Around Champion and has nine world jump rope titles. She also stars in a jump-rope video created by Ohio State that’s been viewed on YouTube by nearly a million people.

Oh yeah, and in January, Boggs was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she demonstrated her jump-rope prowess live on the Ellen set.

But her hectic schedule is fine with Boggs. “I love it that way,” she said. “Any time I’m jumping rope, it’s all good.”

The West Virginia native got hooked when she saw her first jump-roping demonstration when she was just 5. Throughout her school years she competed with her hometown team, Jump Company USA (where her mom is a coach), and will compete with the team at the World Championships in Orlando this summer.

So just how much does Boggs have to train to hone her incredible skills? “At Ohio State, I train at RPAC, the mirrors are super helpful, and try to get in one and a half hours of jumping a day,” she said. “On weekends, I usually go home and do marathon sessions—about 10 to 15 hours.”


How she wound up at Ohio State is the tale of a happy journey. “I never thought I’d come here and just applied as my back-up school,” she said. “I applied to 19 schools and Ohio State was last on my list. I thought I’d go to Yale.”

But Ohio State invited her to interview for the Honors Collegium so she came to campus and was surprised at what she found. “I said, ‘Holy cow!’ The opportunities at OSU are so incredible, more than the Ivy League schools I visited. When I got the call offering me a full scholarship, it sealed the deal. Now I couldn’t see myself anywhere else.”

Boggs started as a physics major, but then sat in on an industrial design class one day and found her calling. “I absolutely love it!” she said. “I want to remain in pre-med too—together they’re the perfect balance of science and art. Maybe I’ll combine them and become a practicing doctor who also designs medical devices.”

But being in the spotlight is in her future, too. “I also really want to be able to perform—my ultimate goal is to work as a performer with Cirque du Soleil.”