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David ManderscheidThe numbers are in, and last year was truly outstanding. Record-breaking research expenditures and fundraising, a banner year for faculty and student awards, and this autumn we welcomed our largest-ever incoming class of new students. 

After more than three decades in higher education, I continue to be excited by the promise of each new academic year and energized by the eagerness and enthusiasm our new students bring to campus. I am proud that we honor that promise, offering unlimited opportunities and an exceptional, affordable education. Word is getting around about the value of an arts and sciences education.

Based on our Back-to-School issue of ASCENT, see if you agree there is every reason to think we'll be having another banner year.

David Manderscheid, Executive Dean and Vice Provost
College of Arts and Sciences


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Record-breaking Enrollments

We have a record number of new, first-year students on campus. For this academic year, Ohio State received more than 49,000 applications, a 7 1/2 percent increase.

In the Arts and Sciences, we saw …

  • An 11 percent increase in applications
  • A 30 percent increase in admitted students – from 7,300 to more than 9,500
  • A 26 percent increase in admits who paid their acceptance fees – from nearly 2,500 to more than 3,100.
  • And, a 28 percent increase in the actual number of new first-year students from 2,201 in 2015 to 2,827 this year!

Record-breaking Research

Research Expenditures Increase by 8 percent to 88 million dollarsResearch and creative activity are flourishing in the college. One measure is research expenditures; last year we had $88 million in research expenditures — a new record. Add in creative activity, the more than 100 books published by our faculty, and articles too numerous to count, and you begin to see the full range of our scholarly excellence.

Across and within divisions — between and across disciplines — the scope of research, exploration and innovation in the Arts and Sciences is just one of the reasons we are one of the nation’s premier colleges of arts and sciences. 

Record-breaking Fundraising

Last year, we set a fundraising record in the college: nearly $37 million – a 34 percent increase over the previous year.

These gifts advance education, research and scholarship throughout the college – the generosity of our alumni, friends, faculty, staff and students is truly inspiring.  

Just a few of the many transformational gifts ...

  • Veeam Software Corporation, co-founded by chemistry alumnus Ratmir Timashev, made a spectacular investment in the Arts and Sciences. His $5 million gift will establish a chair in data analytics, a professorship in chemical physics, support teaching, and provide student scholarships.
  • Dr. Carl Asseff, a history major who became an ophthalmologist, created an endowed professorship in the History of Medicine in the Department of History. This supports the new cross-disciplinary minor in the Medical Humanities. Dr. Asseff is determined to make certain that future doctors are equipped with a strong foundation in the humanities. 
  • Gary and Carolyn Koch have made a generous gift to support a renovation on the 4th floor of Cockins Hall. This will be critical for the Department of Statistics  as their enrollments continue to increase. The renovation begins in May 2017. 
  • Dick and Louesa Foster invested in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science to support research and treatment of aphasia. The gift will allow the department to provide better treatment for their clients and support graduate students assisting and completing research on this neurological disorder.

Disease Detection Breakthrough

Disease Detection Breakthrough


The question on the table is: What if testing yourself for cancer or other diseases were as easy as testing your blood sugar or taking a home pregnancy test?

“In a few years, it could be," said Abraham Badu-Tawiah (Badu), assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, who developed a new, low-cost, proof-of-concept paper strip that can reveal the presence of malaria or cancer antigen in the blood.    

“People could apply a drop of blood on a paper strip, at home, mail it to a laboratory on a regular basis — and see a doctor only if the test is positive.”

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Abraham Badu-Tawiah

Adventures Beyond the Classroom


This summer, Arts and Sciences students were around the country — and the globe — interning, studying and volunteering. They were immersed in politics, out in left field studying the stats behind baseball, underwater studying coral reefs and everywhere in between. Along the way, they created and innovated, challenged themselves, and extended their ASC experience beyond the classroom.

We followed our students throughout the summer and shared their adventures. Where will they go next? In the Arts and Sciences, we'll provide the access to uncommon opportunities and support. The rest is up to them.

#ASCintheField Students


Zach Burton

Zach BurtonInternship: ESPN Summer Internship Program
Hometown: Springdale, AZ
Major: Journalism
Year in School: Second year

As an intern with ESPN Cleveland, Zach spent the summer learning many different angles of the sports broadcasting industry. Upon arriving, he was assigned an all-encompassing social media and web review to become familiar with the ESPN brand and to provide feedback for improvements. He also engaged in promotional work alongside brand partners and at sites such as Progressive Field and the Quicken Loans Arena (being in Cleveland to celebrate the Cavs' championship wasn't a bad deal). Zach also assisted with the production of “The Really Big Show,” a radio show hosted by Tony Rizzo and Jerod Cherry.



Kelsie Fields

Kelsie FieldsInternships: ReLā Leadership, and US Together (Women’s Empowerment Program Intern)
Hometown: Rock Hill, SC
Major: Italian and International Studies
Year in School: Fourth Year

Kelsie worked in two Columbus-based internship roles this summer: with ReLā Leadership, a nonprofit leadership development organization, and US Together, a nonprofit that provides services to refugees. Her work focused on public service, cross-cultural exchange and empowering refugee women and girls.



Benjamin Green

Title of Project: Investigation of Viral Transmission between Honey Bees and Native Bees​
Hometown: Yellow Springs, OH
Major: Biology, pre-health specialty​
Year in School: Third year

Benjamin has been investigating viral transmission between honey bees (which are not native to North America, having been introduced in the 1600s) and native bees with Professor Karen Goodell this summer. Part of his work includes three phases of field sampling with the bees.


At the Political Center

At the Political Center


With Labor Day now behind us, the political campaign season is officially in full swing and Ohio is at the center of it all.

Election 2016Ohio State’s new incubator for campaign analysis and perspective, is where you’ll find Arts and Sciences faculty weighing in on the candidates and the issues.

tune into all the election conversation

New Programs

New Programs

We don’t just offer the tried and true; we find ways to incorporate emerging trends in unexpected ways. Our two new interdisciplinary collaborations highlight both the power and the relevance of an arts and sciences education.


New Courses

courses you might take:

EARTHSC 1911: Climate Change: Mechanisms, Impacts and Mitigation

Studies climate change from multiple angles through a first-of-its kind interdisciplinary perspective: Earth sciences, history and evolution, ecology and organismal biology

Geog 3753: Geography of the European Union

Geographic factors in the economic, social and political progress of European integration; major problems of the area in the light of their geographic background.

ASC Freshman Seminar 1138.09: High and low? Art and Popular Culture

Examines how, and if, popular media, comics and film are art.

ASC Freshman Seminar Program, 1137.07: Vintage Chemistry and Physics

Looks at Galileo’s and other notable scientific experiments that produced revolutionary, even controversial, results that changed the course of history.

Philosophy 2465: Death and the Meaning of Life

Explores claims that if there is no afterlife, our lives are meaningless; or whether our existence can be meaningful and whether death is a crucial feature of a meaningful life.

Journalism 281: Sports Media

Analyzes all aspects of media interaction with sports, from legacy media reporter to web-based blogger, from broadcaster to communication specialist, from social media poster to in-house talent.

French 1801: Masterpieces of French Literature

Examines the history and geography through classic Asterix comics, Molière's scathing comedies and Flaubert's great novel.

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