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To align ourselves with the university's proactive response to the COVID-19 concerns, Career Success has made changes to our services and programming, effective until further notice.

We are providing in-depth tips for jobs seekers over the next few weeks. Please check back for updates that can help you with your job search.

Ways We Continue to Serve Students

Career Coaching

We will continue to offer Career Coaching, though not in person. If you are interested in receiving coaching, schedule an appointment on Handshake, and the coach will reach out to you. We can connect via Carmen Zoom or over the phone. You might also be interested in Career Success Quick Chat

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Virtual Resume Review

We will continue to offer resume review via our online site, VMock. VMock offers immediate, actionable feedback on your resume, and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year! 
Walk-in resume reviews have been suspended through the end of the semester.

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Guides and Tip Sheets

As always, our robust collection of guides and tip sheets are available to you on our website. These documents cover resumes, skill development, networking, interviewing, job and internship search strategies and much, much more!

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Handshake is a great resource that should remain unaffected by our temporary changes. Use Handshake to discover on-campus and local jobs, fantastic internships, and exciting career opportunities! On Handshake, you can also:

Virtual Events

Explore our series of signature programs, career fairs and expos designed to help students discover career paths, build and expand their professional networks, and prepare for their lifetime of opportunity.Career Success is excited to continue offering our high caliber discover and connect style events virtually.  Explore our upcoming programs on our events page and register for events using your Handshake account.

Watch select past virtual programming on YouTube:


If you have a Disability and rely on a screen reader or the keyboard for access to your computer you will experience difficulty using the Handshake application. As the University works with Handshake to improve accessibility, please contact for assistance in navigating and using this application. A member of our team will respond within 2 business days to assist you.

Additional Resources

  • Lt. Governor Husted announced that the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation has developed a website specifically geared toward matching essential businesses with Ohioans who are able and willing to work as an essential employee during the COVID-19 crisis. Visit to search.

Tips for Job Seekers

Importance of being nimble and flexible

You may have heard about the many companies who have moved to remote work to continue to fight and protect employees during the COVID 19 pandemic. There have also been layoffs, furloughs, and hiring freezes that have contributed to the current unemployment rates, so you may be wondering if you should continue to submit resumes and applications as some companies have decreased or stopped hiring. However, this is not the time to stop your job search efforts. It’s best to keep networking and applying provided that you shift your strategy a bit to be nimble and flexible as companies figure out the best approach to hiring during this unprecedented time.

Many Human Resources departments are figuring out how to get their current staff adapted to a fully remote workforce, so you may experience some delays in communication in the next few weeks as companies transition. With companies such as CoverMyMeds and Findley still interviewing for entry level positions, there is hope that your job search does not have to end. Also, some industries are experiencing increased business during this time, so they are hiring to be able to meet the demand. Companies such as Vector Marketing (Cutco Cutlery) have increased hiring since more people are staying home to cook. However, they have switched to a remote working format. In addition, some companies have experienced delays in their start times for new hires. Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions are starting summer internships later than usual. Other employers such as Apple Growth Partners have decided to move new hire start dates from summer to fall.

A hiring freeze does not mean that a company is canceling all plans to hire in the future. Because of this, building a relationship and staying in touch with the company can benefit you down the line when companies can reopen business as usual and start hiring. Keep working hard on your career plans and remember:

  1. Make sure you are in communication with any type of hiring manager you might have connected with;
  2. Ask specific questions to ensure that you know what the company is planning; and
  3. Understand that some organizations have not made decisions yet so patience and flexibility is important during this time.


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Navigating conversations with employers

An internship is your opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge, connect with professionals and gain clarity about your career direction. Due to COVID-19 many internship sites have had to scramble to make the necessary adjustments to ensure the organization as a whole continued to function effectively; as well as make adjustments to ensure the well-being and productivity of their employees as most transitioned to working from home. Many employers like Hyland have expressed the challenge of trying to onboard new hires remotely and placed their focus on the transition of the whole company working remotely. Internships, although valued by the employer may not have been top priority and as a result, you may feel the employer is having difficulty with creating meaningful virtual experiences.

If you are a student who has secured an internship and desire more meaningful experiences, communicate your concern to your supervisor. Share via a virtual meeting your appreciation for the opportunity while acknowledging the impact the shift to work from home has made. Express your desire to contribute to the organization and gain skills and experience relevant to the industry. Be sure to come prepared with a solution; don’t just point out what you perceive to be lacking. Have suggestions in mind before approaching your supervisor about potential ways you can contribute and gain meaningful experience. Do your research in advance to determine the needs of the department. Are their potential projects you’re aware of that you could contribute to or lead? Could you support another department in some capacity? Also, reflect on what was shared during your interview and during your onboarding process. Perhaps there are tasks that simply slipped your supervisor’s mind?

During these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic several companies have postponed internship and employment positions that were previously secured. If you have made regular attempts to connect with the Human Resources Department via phone and email but have yet to get a response; please do not be discouraged. Take comfort in the fact that your position was once confirmed which indicates that the employer is interested in you becoming a part of their team.  For added support the Career Success Team are able to reach out to your employer to get a status update on your position. 

You likely had a vision of what you hoped your internship would offer but due to the pandemic, things shifted. It is ok to approach your supervisor when there’s a lack of meaningful experience, or if you are concerned with the status of your internship.  However, be sure to frame your thoughts in a positive way, express your desire to help the company and remain flexible.

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How employers are navigating COVID-19

In the current COVID-19 economic state, employers have to be flexible and be ready to adapt their plans to an ever-changing landscape. Policy and guidelines shift and new procedures to keep individuals safe are put in to place what feels like daily. What some employers had as a plan of attack has more than likely changed at least once and possibly a couple more times after that. Based on a recent poll of 439 organizations hiring college students conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers they found that:
  • Although employers have been trying to maintain a wait-and-see approach, it appears they are starting to make difficult decisions regarding job offer revocations, adaptations to summer 2020 internships, and expectations for recruiting the Class of 2021.
  • In general, employers are adapting their summer 2020 internship programs by moving as much programming to a virtual space as possible. On April 3, 65% of employers intended to make changes to their internship programs; by April 30, that percentage had grown to 83%.
  • About 22% of employers are revoking offers to interns, while only 4.4% of employers are revoking offers to full-time recruits. Both of these figures have grown over the course of the month. 19% of employers remain undecided, down from 22% at the beginning of the month.
  • In general, employers are adapting their summer 2020 internship programs by moving as much programming to a virtual space as possible. On April 3, 65% of employers intended to make changes to their internship programs; by April 30, that percentage had grown to 83%.

Important points for interns:

  • Be patient: many employers are still making decisions based on a rapidly evolving environment. The duration of your internship may be shortened by delayed start dates. For example, KeyBank is pushing intern start dates to early mid-June. Don’t be discouraged by this as the internship site in most cases will be able to deliver a valuable resume building experience. A core component of many summer internships will be acquiring the skill of how to conduct work in a virtual setting. With companies such as Nationwide moving staff onto virtual work platforms on a permanent basis this is a crucial talent to master this summer!
  • Keep in touch: Your internship site will be glad to hear from you and know you are still eager to join the organization. Inquire as to what frequency of outreach would be best for them.
  • Unfortunately, some organizations such as Syneos Health and Ohio EPA have announced cancellation of internship programs. If you are affected by this situation engage with your network, including Career Success Career Coaches to formulate a plan. There are still some internship opportunities available as well as other ways to develop career readiness competencies over the summer.

Important points for full-time hires:

Most employers are honoring offers made to full-time hires. In most cases start dates are being delayed. Often this is due to logistics. Companies such as Axtria are in the process of sourcing and shipping company laptops to all members of their organization. Other organizations, such as I Know I Can, a Columbus based college access program, are waiting on the approval of grant funding to bring on new hires.

COVID-19 Updates - Effects on Hiring and Recruiting

During these perplexing times, it is important to keep positive about your job and internship search. We thank you for your flexibility and adaptability with the changing processes of applying for jobs and internships. Many employers are going virtual with their interview processes and allowing new and existing employees to work remotely. Although several companies and organizations are learning how to utilize technology, there are a number of organizations that are freezing or delaying job offers.

Several companies and organizations are still actively hiring and interviewing for positions; however, because of the implications of the current pandemic surrounding the COVID-19 virus you may experience later start dates. It is important to continue applying for internships and jobs as several employers are doing everything to maintain a strong business presence by actively recruiting Ohio State students.

To prepare for interviews and jobs please remember to utilize our services that we have to offer including Virtual Career Coaches, Handshake, Vmock, and podcasts we have posted on our website. The Center for Career and Professional Success is here to assist you in preparing for a lifetime of opportunity. Stay proactive with your job search and we appreciate your patience with employers when making their hiring decisions.

Information for Employers

Preparing Students for Their Lifetime of Opportunity

During these unprecedented times we’ve heard from many of you about your internship programs, your entry-level hiring, or your recruiting in general. We appreciate your openness and honesty in regards to how your organization is navigating the COVID-19 environment. Like you, the Center for Career and Professional Success has also needed to adjust our operations. We may be working virtually but our doors are still open, so to speak, as we continue to prepare our students for a lifetime of opportunity.

We wanted to provide insights into how we are still working with students to prepare them for connections with you, be those internships this summer, internships during the fall, or entry-level positions that graduates will be starting soon:

  • Virtual Career Coaching: Our talented Career Coaches continue to meet with students virtually.  These coaching sessions allow students to speak to an expert about a wide range of career development topics.  This can be anything from resume and cover letter assistance through interview prep and salary negotiations.  Our Career Coaches help students navigate their development from start to finish and are uniquely positioned to help students build skills necessary, in this time, to be successful in virtual engagements!  In addition to one-on-one sessions our Career Coaches have also offered an array of virtual workshops to connect with larger groups of students.
  • Resources: The Career Success website has a section dedicated to resources that students can access 24/7.  This section includes tipsheets and guides to help navigate students through their career development.  Topics include resume construction, networking, job search strategies and general career exploration to name just a few.
  • VMock: Career Success is excited to be working with VMock to help students get up-to-the-minute resume feedback, available 24/7. VMock is an online AI-based resume review service that helps students improve their resume in minutes.  It is designed to help students make their resume more impactful through strong wording, better layouts and a larger focus on what a student brings to the table.
  • Podcasts: The newest addition to our menu is Getting Ahead With Career Success, our very own podcast! These on-demand podcasts offer students the opportunity to learn about connecting with employers in this new virtual landscape. Each episode includes interviews and insights with you, our industry partners! You can access these podcasts by scrolling to the bottom of the students page of our website. If you’d like to be a guest on a future podcast episode please let me know!

Please be assured that our students will continue to be prepared to serve you well as interns or entry-level staff in the near future. We are here to assist you with your recruiting needs. At this time, we’d also be interested to learn more about your fall recruiting plans (or even how summer is starting). Will you be traveling to campuses for career fairs, on-campus interviews, or other engagements with students this fall? Will your fall internships be in-person or remote? We’d greatly appreciate an opportunity to connect with and serve you.


Unique circumstances faced by ASC majors

During these perplexing times, we appreciate your flexibility and adaptability as the process of recruiting and hiring students has turned virtual. The Center for Career and Professional Success wants to thank you, and we truly appreciate your openness to continue communicating with our students virtually. The students within the College of Arts and Sciences are staying active with their job search as they continue to apply for various roles and internships. We want to provide some insights shared with us by students on how the COVID-19 pandemic is affeciting their internship and job search experience:

  • Students are concerned with the number of organizations that are actively hiring. Many employers have shared with us that some or all positions are on freeze or delayed. Due to this, students feel they may not be able to obtain enough experience. Other students in the College of Arts and Sciences feel like they may not be considered a priority candidate due to the most essential employees being from more specialized fields like nursing.
  • Anxiety has increased with students because of job or internship offers being reneged. Although they understand that organizations are working to prioritize their full-time employees and implementing new ways of working due to budget cuts, the concern for personal financial stability with our students remains high.
  • Students are also sharing the issue of staying motivated and organized. They are struggling because of the inability to interact face to face. Not having the opportunity to meet with supervisors and peers in real time can lead to disengagement. In response, students are pursuing new and creative ways for engaging with their colleagues and peers through different social events and games online.
  • Even with the above concerns, students are sharing that they are still actively looking for positions. They are also constantly improving themselves. This may be in the form of attending workshops on gaining skills like networking or communicating virtually. Several students attended our Virtual Week workshops to help prepare themselves for the work force and to create new relationships with employers.

These insights, shared with us from the students we serve, have been extremely helpful as we create programs and workshops for them. As we continue to help our students prepare for the workforce in light of changes brought on by the COVID-19 health crisis, please know that the Center for Career and Professional Success is here to help you with any recruiting needs. If you have any questions or concerns for us please do not hesitate to reach-out. 

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