Arts and Sciences alumni can pay forward in a variety of ways. We welcome alumni to connect with students when they are back on campus or throughout the entire school year, or connect virtually across a variety of programming options.

In addition to the career development benefit of volunteering, alumni who assist us in preparing our students for life after Ohio State are presented with a unique opportunity to market your organization.

Explore the following opportunities:

Participate in a Career Connections Events

Career Success - Career ConnectionsThe center organizes Career Connections events throughout the year – usually focused on the career interest areas listed below. Alumni volunteers are contacted to determine availability to serve on a panel, take part in a networking event, etc. The time commitment for this opportunity is approximately two hours.

Career Connections events can take many forms.  These events, such as Speed Networking, Case Study demonstrations or Alumni Mix & Mingle events, are a great way to connect with our current students in an atmosphere that could range from formal to informal.  Get to know our students and offer advice on how to leverage an Arts and Sciences degree in today’s world.  These networking events take place both on and off campus. 

If your organization would like to sponsor or host a networking event please contact the center for additional details.

  • Education, Non-Profit and Social Services
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance, Consulting, Management and Sales
  • Government, International Affairs and Public Policy
  • Healthcare and Wellness
  • Journalism, Sports, Entertainment and Production
  • Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations
  • Science and Research
  • Technology, Data and Analytics
  • Visual, Written and Performing Arts

Participate In a Life Beyond Degree Event

Life Beyond DegreeLife Beyond Degree connects current students with alumni who are using their degree in unique or typical ways, opening ideas of career paths and helping students to see the many doors their Arts and Sciences degree will open for them. Life Beyond Degree events are organized in collaboration with an academic department. Career Success will assist the department in finding alumni from that particular department to network with students at the event.

Meet Students for a Coffee Chat

Career Success - Executive Coffee Chat Alumni have the ability to meet with a small group of students in a casual setting during alumni Coffee Chats.  Share about your time at Ohio State, what you did to help prepare you for your career, your job search process, your career journey, and the value of your Arts and Sciences degree in the workplace. Coffee Chats are designed to be interactive conversations with students; no need to prepare a presentation!

Our general Coffee Chat series is aimed toward more recent graduates but we also have an Executive Coffee Chat series for those alumni that are more seasoned professionals. Coffee Chats are also seen as recruiting opportunities for organizations.  Help our students achieve their lifetime of opportunity while also helping your organization fill intern and entry-level roles!

Invite Students to Visit Your Organization (Externship/Job Shadow/Career Trek)

Career Success - Career TrekStudents appreciate seeing potential locations to intern, volunteer, or work. Inviting them to your workplace to connect with alumni is a great way to build relationships and network. Contact our center if you’d like to arrange a time for students to see the great things happening at your organization!

Externships and Career Treks can take place at any time during the calendar year, but are popular during both Winter Break and Spring Break.  These programs are flexible, and can be organized for an hour or two, as a half-day event, or as a multiple-day event and would include a group of students visiting your organization.  A Job Shadow most typically involves one student visiting your organization for a day.

Conduct Mock Interviews or Informational Interviews

Interview With A BuckeyeThe center organizes Interview with a Buckeye events to help students prepare for upcoming interviews or complete class assignments.  Alumni can meet with students and conduct a “real life” interview, with questions and evaluation materials provided to you by the center.

Informational interviews give students the opportunity to meet with an alumnus who works in an industry in which they are interested. These can take place at your place of work, offsite (e.g. at a coffee shop), over the phone, via Skype, or through other communication channels.

The time commitment for mock or informational interviews ranges from one hour for one interview to a half or full day for special events.

Propose Your Own Workshop or Presentation

Don’t see anything here that interests you?  Do you have expertise in an area that would be beneficial to share with students? Contact our center and propose a workshop or presentation! These can be organized in the early evening or during regular business hours.

ASC Match Mentor Program

About the program

Career Success - Match Mentor programStarting in the fall of 2018, the ASC Match Mentor Program is a college-wide initiative that matches alumni from the College of Arts and Sciences, one-to-one, with current Arts and Sciences majors. This program is a collaboration between the College of Arts and Sciences Center for Career and Professional Success, the College of Arts and Sciences Office of Advancement, and the Arts and Sciences Alumni Society Board.

Please note: in order to uphold the safety of both our alumni and students Match Mentor events will be conducted virtually during the fall of 2020. We will continue to monitor the changing landscape and make decisions about spring events in the future.

2020 Alumni Program of the Year

Career Success is excited to announce our Match Mentor Program has been recognized as one of three “Alumni Program of the Year” award winners at the 2020 Ohio State University Alumni Association (OSUAA) Club and Society Leadership Symposium.

Given to promote positive engagement between students, alumni and friends of Ohio State, these awards recognize innovative programming that models the “Pay It Forward” concept.

The Match Mentor Program has been developed over the past four years, starting with a small group of trial mentor pairings and then serving 50, 100 and currently 150 students with plans to continue expanding. Mentors and mentees are paired for the academic year based on professional goals and outcomes or by major. A step-by-step handbook helps each pairing set expectations, allowing each mentoring experience to have the best possible outcomes by being customized to the participant’s goals.  

“Building relationships based on trust is what makes this program outstanding,” said Susan Munthe, an Arts and Sciences Alumni Society Board member who has been instrumental in the development of the Match Mentor Program. “Taking pride in the process and creating Buckeyes for Life who will in turn help others who come behind them is how this program will grow and thrive well into the future.”

While the focus of a mentoring program is often on the benefit to the student, the alumni who volunteer also experience very real professional growth.

“Both alumni and students can benefit from the mentoring relationship: Students gain the perspective of an objective professional while the alumni build mentoring skills that can then translate back to their own employment,” said Julie Capozzi, Alumni Society Board member and a driving force behind the Match Mentor Program.

“The mentor can rely on other Buckeye mentors to talk to the mentee about areas where they are unfamiliar or uncomfortable,” said Dennis Baer, another key alumnus involved in the creation of the program. “That is a huge advantage of having over 200,000 Arts and Sciences alumni.” 

As our world continues to move forward during a global pandemic and while social and political change occurs, mentorship has evolved to address concerns beyond strictly professional development. 

“Especially in these times of COVID-19, where there is lots of uncertainty, the mentor can reassure the mentee that these tough times will not last forever,” Baer said.  

”Mentorship during the pandemic and the associated challenges of virtual learning and job searches are providing mentors and mentees an opportunity to work outside their comfort zones,” said Christy Haiduck, Alumni Society Board Awards Chair. “The students gain insight into the give and take of the modern workplace and how it is different from the world of academia. The opportunity to give back and learn more about the current generation helps our mentors to better understand the unique characteristics of the modern student and their needs. Establishing a place where alumni and students can support each other through work, school and even social needs is a hallmark of the program.”  

The Alumni Program of the Year award from OSUAA confirms what so many arts and sciences students and alumni already knew about this program.

Capozzi says what makes the Match Mentor Program so outstanding is “the passionate alumni who wish to come back to campus for the opportunity to ‘give back’ as well as the diverse group of the best and brightest students and the dedicated staff at the Center for Career and Professional Success and Office of Advancement.”

As the Match Mentor Program continues to expand, we are constantly seeking new alumni mentors from all academic programs in The College of Arts and Sciences. If you are interested in learning more about the Match Mentor Program, connect with Scott Kustis, Director of Industry Connections for the Center for Career and Professional Success.

Information for alumni

ASC MentorsAs alumni you have a wealth of knowledge to pass-on to a student and you’re positioned to assist them by offering advice, answering questions and giving constructive feedback as they progress through their time at Ohio State.

As a mentor, you will be matched one-to-one with a student for the duration of the school year.  You and your mentee will agree upon topics to discuss and the parameters for your time together (i.e. how often you’ll meet, where you’ll meet, etc.). The center will provide additional resources and modules to cover with your mentee which could include, for example, Professionalism in the Workplace or Utilizing Your Arts and Sciences Degree in Today’s Business World.

Ideal mentors are those that will be able to:

  • Meet face-to-face a minimum of two times with their mentee,
  • Come back to campus for a launch event during Autumn Semester (and participate in other program events),
  • Teach mentees about the value of an Arts and Sciences degree,
  • Provide career guidance and advice on transition from classroom to the workplace, and
  • Complete program surveys and evaluations to allow us to continue to build this program

The advantages of being a mentor are plentiful, and include: increasing the value of your Arts and Sciences degree by investing in the future of our College; connecting with the College on a deeper and more personal level; gaining experience in coaching and advising; enriching your life by making a difference in someone else’s life!

Registration for the 2021-2022 program is now open.

Please check back regularly for updated registration information.  If you have an interest in being a mentor please contact Scott Kustis directly, at, to be added to the mentor interest list.

Information for students

ASC Mentor - StudentsThe ASC Match Mentor Program is open to any Arts and Sciences major in their 2nd through 4th year at Ohio State. The program is designed to help students navigate their time at Ohio State while also learning valuable lessons from alumni who once sat in the same classes you did.  Our alumni will be able to offer advice, answer questions you may have, and discuss the value of an Arts and Sciences degree in the current workplace. 

Ideal mentees are those that will be able to:

  • Meet face-to-face a minimum of two times with their mentor,
  • Attend program-specific events throughout the academic year, and
  • Complete program surveys and evaluations to allow us to continue to build this program

The application period for the Match Mentor Program is now closed.

Students will be updated about the application process through via email.  If you have questions please contact Scott Kustis directly at

Apply to be part of the Match Mentor Program

ASC Mentor - MentorshipThe alumni mentor application is now open for the Autum 2021 to Spring 2022 academic year:

Apply to be a mentor

The student mentee application is currently closed and will open in late summer 2021.


Frequently asked questions

I’m a student and I’m really busy. Should I still apply?
Yes! This program is designed in such a way that a student and their mentor will agree upon the number of times, and how, you will communicate.  You will be able to work with your mentor to find a schedule that fits.

What happens after I apply to the program?
Applications will be accepted from early-August through early-September (or until the program organizers feel they have received enough applications given the space limitations of the program). All applications will be reviewed, and those chosen to participate will be notified in early-September.  Applying to the program does not guarantee a spot in the program.

I’ve already completed one year of the program (as a mentor or a mentee).  Can I apply again?
Yes! If you are an alumni mentor and would like to register again, and receive a new student mentee, you’re more than welcome. Any student who is in their 2nd through 4th year at Ohio State, and is an Arts and Sciences major, is eligible to apply regardless of whether they’ve previously participated in the program.

How does the matching process work?
The Colleges of Arts and Sciences Center for Career and Professional Success utilizes the career community model (, which you will see reflected in the application to this program.  The matching process will be done primarily along career community lines, and we’ll make every effort to match mentors and mentees who have similar career community interests.

What happens after I’m matched?
Once mentors and mentees are matched program organizers will communicate the matches to all parties involved. This will happen in mid-September. The program will then kick-off each year with a launch event during Autumn Semester. At the launch event you’ll have a chance to meet and also learn more about the logistics of the program from the program organizers.

I’m an alumnus and live outside of Ohio. Can I still apply?
Yes!  We welcome any interested alumnus to apply, but please keep in mind the parameters we have outlined for what an ideal mentor is:

  • Meet face-to-face a minimum of two times with their mentee,
  • Come back to campus for a launch event during Autumn Semester (and participate in other program events),
  • Teach mentees about the value of an Arts and Sciences degree,
  • Provide career guidance and advice on transition from classroom to the workplace, and
  • Complete program surveys and evaluations to allow us to continue to build this program

I’ve never been a mentor to a student before.  What should I talk about with my mentee?
This program is designed to have both structure and elements of organic growth.  Program organizers will provide discussion topics that you can engage your mentee with (such as Professionalism in the Workplace or Preparing for an Interview, for example).  We also know, however, that no two mentor/mentee relationships will be the same.  We want to allow relationships to grow organically and give mentors and mentees freedom to explore a variety of topics that are both interesting and beneficial to both parties.

What should I do if I have any concerns about the relationship during the year?
Mentors and mentees are encouraged to contact Scott Kustis directly, at, at any time during the year with comments, concerns or feedback.

For more information about how to get involved with the Arts and Sciences Center for Career and Professional Success, please email or call Scott Kustis (614-292-6961). Additionally, Career Success encourages alumni to join Alumnifire, an online professional networking and mentoring tool for Ohio State alumni, students and staff.