Arts and Sciences alumni can Pay It Forward in a variety of ways.  We welcome alumni to connect with students when they are back on campus or throughout the entire school year, or connect virtually, across a variety of programming options.

In addition to the career development benefit of volunteering, alumni who assist us in preparing our students for life after Ohio State are presented with a unique opportunity to market your organization.

Explore the following opportunities:

ASC Match 50 Mentor Program

The Center for Career and Professional Success, in partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences Office of Advancement and the Arts and Sciences Alumni Society Board, collaborate on a student-alumni mentor program.  This program matches 50 alumni mentors with 50 Arts and Sciences student mentees.  As alumni you have a wealth of knowledge to pass-on to a student, and you’re positioned to assist them by offering advice, answering questions, and giving constructive feedback as they progress through their time at Ohio State.

As a mentor, you will be matched with a student for the duration of the school year.  You and your mentee will agree upon topics to discuss and the parameters for your time together (i.e. how often you’ll meet, where you’ll meet, etc.). The center will provide additional resources and modules to cover with your mentee which could include, for example, Professionalism in the Workplace or Utilizing Your Arts and Sciences Degree in Today’s Business World.

Ideal mentors are those that will be able to:

  • Meet face-to-face a minimum of two times with their mentee,
  • Come back to campus for a launch event during Autumn Semester (and participate in other program events),
  • Teach mentees about the value of an Arts and Sciences degree,
  • Provide career guidance and advice on transition from classroom to the workplace, and
  • Complete program surveys and evaluations to allow us to continue to build this program

The advantages of being a mentor are plentiful, and include: increasing the value of your Arts and Sciences degree by investing in the future of our College; connecting with the College on a deeper and more personal level; gaining experience in coaching and advising; enriching your life by making a difference in someone else’s life! 

Participate in a Career Connections Events

The center organizes Career Connections events throughout the year – usually focused on the career interest areas listed below. Alumni volunteers are contacted to determine availability to serve on a panel, take part in a networking event, etc. The time commitment for this opportunity is approximately two hours.

Career Connections events can take many forms.  These events, such as Speed Networking, Case Study demonstrations or Alumni Mix & Mingle events, are a great way to connect with our current students in an atmosphere that could range from formal to informal.  Get to know our students and offer advice on how to leverage an Arts and Sciences degree in today’s world.  These networking events take place both on and off campus. 

If your organization would like to sponsor or host a networking event please contact the center for additional details.

  • Arts, Design, & Architecture
  • Business, Data Analysis, Finance, & Management
  • Communication & Journalism
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Computer Science, Mathematics, & Engineering
  • Education & Human Services
  • Government, Law, & Public Safety
  • Health & General Sciences
  • Natural Resources & Environment, Food & Agriculture

Invite Students to Visit Your Organization (Externship/Job Shadow/Career Trek)

Students appreciate seeing potential locations to intern, volunteer, or work. Inviting them to your workplace to connect with alumni is a great way to build relationships and network. Contact our center if you’d like to arrange a time for students to see the great things happening at your organization!

Externships and Career Treks can take place at any time during the calendar year, but are popular during both Winter Break and Spring Break.  These programs are flexible, and can be organized for an hour or two, as a half-day event, or as a multiple-day event and would include a group of students visiting your organization.  A Job Shadow most typically involves one student visiting your organization for a day.

Conduct Mock Interviews or Informational Interviews

The center organizes Interview with a Buckeye events to help students prepare for upcoming interviews or complete class assignments.  Alumni can meet with students and conduct a “real life” interview, with questions and evaluation materials provided to you by the center.

Informational interviews give students the opportunity to meet with an alumnus who works in an industry in which they are interested. These can take place at your place of work, offsite (e.g. at a coffee shop), over the phone, via Skype, or through other communication channels.

The time commitment for mock or informational interviews ranges from one hour for one interview to a half or full day for special events.

Conduct Resume Reviews

The center offers drop-in resume and cover letter review services daily and can accommodate alumni for this purpose.  Special resume review sessions can also be arranged for a small group of alumni who would enjoy connecting with students.

Propose Your Own Workshop or Presentation

Don’t see anything here that interests you?  Do you have expertise in an area that would be beneficial to share with students? Contact our center and propose a workshop or presentation! These can be organized in the early evening or during regular business hours.

For more information about how to get involved with the Arts and Sciences Center for Career and Professional Success, please email or call Randy Dineen (614-688-4522). Arts and Sciences alumni are encouraged to visit the College of Arts and Sciences' VolunteerMatch website to find volunteer opportunities from our Center and from departments across the college and to join Alumnifire, an online professional networking and mentoring tool for Ohio State alumni, students and staff.