Professionalism in your job or internship search

You are expected to act with integrity at all times during your job or internship search. To promote professionalism among College of Arts and Sciences students, the following policies have been developed to serve you, your Arts and Sciences peers, and Ohio State’s employer recruiting partners.

Advising Appointments

If you cannot keep a scheduled Career Prep Coaching or Mock Interview appointment, please call the office at 614-292-6961 to notify us of your need to cancel or reschedule. A minimum of two business days' notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. In cases of emergency (e.g. sudden illness, accident, death in the family), you or your designee are still expected to contact the Career Services Office. You may be asked to submit appropriate documentation to verify the emergency.

If you miss two appointments without prior notification, you will not be able to schedule an advising session for a 3-month period. You may also lose your Handshake privileges.

We do not schedule or cancel appointments via e-mail.


Accuracy is your responsibility. Please keep your personal and academic data on Handshake up to date. Each academic term, please at minimum update your career interests and the most current version of your resume.

The office reserves the right to deactivate a student's access to Handshake. Students and recent graduates who engage in the following forms of behavior, or other acts deemed to be unprofessional or irresponsible, will have their access to Handshake deactivated.

  • Applying to postings when you do not meet the minimum qualifications specified by the employer.
  • Engaging in unprofessional behavior as an intern (e.g., repeatedly arriving late to the site, abusing company property, not following through on assignments).
  • Not showing up for a scheduled interview at an employer's place of business
  • Not showing up for a scheduled on-campus interview (see further policies below)
  • Falsifying information on a resume or cover letter.
  • Allowing a non-OSU student to use your account to upload a resume and/or apply to positions.
  • Accepting an offer for full-time employment, either through verbal or written communication, and then declining the offer when a position with a different employer has been secured.

You MUST consider all job and internship offers seriously before accepting them. Please consult with one of the office’s Career Prep Coaches if you need assistance evaluating an offer.

On-Campus Interviews

The term “on-campus interview” refers to any interview hosted by a career services office on the campus of The Ohio State University. Interviews can be arranged in a variety of ways: you may work directly with the employer to confirm a mutually agreeable time or you may be invited to sign up for an interview through Handshake for an opportunity for which you applied.

The following policies apply to all Arts and Sciences students invited for on-campus interviews, regardless of which career services office is hosting the schedule.

Think Before You Act
BEFORE you schedule an interview, double check your calendar to ensure you do not have a scheduling conflict. School work (exams, group projects, papers, presentations, etc.) does not excuse you from honoring your commitment to interview, as you should be able to plan accordingly.

Only students who are notified that they have been selected for an on-campus interview may sign up and/or meet with the interviewers. Attempts to meet an employer during his or her lunch hour or breaks or any other unscheduled time are prohibited.

Declining or Cancelling an On-Campus Interview
You are permitted to decline an offered on-campus interview or cancel a scheduled on-campus interview only once per academic term. Additional cancellations will be treated as no-shows and result in revocation of Handshake on-campus interview privileges.

To decline or cancel an on-campus interview invitation, contact the Career Services Office (email a minimum of 2 business days in advance of the interview date. Please provide your name, phone number, the name of the employer, the title of the position for which you were invited/scheduled to interview, time and date of the interview, and a reason for cancelling. With enough notice, the office may be able to give your canceled interview slot to a candidate on the wait list.

Interviews declined or cancelled fewer than two days ahead of time will be treated as no-shows, except in circumstances where interview invitations are extended two or fewer days ahead of the scheduled interview date.

The following are UNACCEPTABLE reasons for cancelling an on-campus interview:

  • “I don’t have time in my schedule”
  • “I changed my mind”
  • “I didn’t read or fully understand the job description when I applied”

Interviews declined or cancelled due to one of these reasons will be classified as no-shows.

If you have already accepted an offer of employment and wish to withdraw yourself from consideration for further interviews, please contact This is the only circumstance under which it is acceptable to decline more than one interview invitation per term.

In the case of an emergency (e.g. sudden illness, accident, or death in the family), you or your designee are still expected to contact the Career Services Office (email We will alert the employer to your inability to attend. Note that you will be asked to provide appropriate documentation to verify the emergency.

No-Showing for an On-Campus Interview
It is never appropriate to simply not show up for your scheduled on-campus interview. This reflects poorly on you and on The Ohio State University and wastes the valuable time set aside by recruiters who planned to meet with you. Failure to communicate with the career services office and/or the employer ahead of your interview will result in immediate revocation of your Handshake on-campus interview privileges.

Interviews declined or cancelled two or fewer business days in advance of the scheduled interview date (except in extraordinary circumstances) will be treated as a no-show.

Declining and/or cancelling more than one interview per academic term will be also be classified as a no-show. 

Using one of the above stated unacceptable reasons for declining or cancelling your interview will be treated as a no-show.

Appealing Handshake Account Deactivation

You are welcome to appeal the deactivation of your Handshake account. Please adhere to the timelines outlined below; failure to comply within the stated timeframe may result in permanent deactivation of your Handshake account. Account restoration is at the discretion of the director of the office.

On-Campus Interviews
You must draft an apology letter to the interviewer explaining why you were unable to attend and send it to the Director of the College of Arts and Sciences Career Services Office, Stephanie Ford, PhD ( Your letter must be received by the director no more than 48 hours after your missed interview. The office will share this with the recruiting team. Telling the Career Services Office that you have already sent an email to the employer will not suffice. You may also be required to submit supporting documentation if your cancellation or no-show was due to an emergency beyond your control. To protect your privacy, supporting documentation will not be shared with the employer.

Missed Appointment or Inappropriate Use of Handshake
Contact the Director of the Arts and Sciences Career Services Office, Stephanie Ford, PhD ( to request an appointment to discuss your specific situation. Requests for appointments should be made no more than two weeks after you receive notification that your Handshake account has been deactivated.

Right to Refuse Service

The College of Arts and Sciences Career Services Office maintains the right to deny services indefinitely to students and recent graduates if they engage in any of the following conduct:

  • Signing up for on campus interviews after the acceptance of employment
  • Misrepresenting information included in resumes or cover letters
  • Repeatedly arriving late for advising appointments or interviews
  • Abuse of the office’s staff, resources or equipment
  • Theft, defacement or destruction of the office’s resources or equipment

Questions regarding these policies should be directed to Stephanie Ford, Ph.D., Director, 614-292-6961 ( Policies and rules are subject to change without notice.