Discover Resources for International Students & Students with Disabilities

The career planning process can be difficult for any student. The Career Center will direct you toward resources and strategies that are specific to your needs.

Resources for International Students

As an international student, you have various attributes that are valuable to an employer. Your status speaks to your willingness to travel, seek new experiences and adapt to a different culture. The key for securing your desired position is to recognize all of the skills and experiences that you offer and be able to confidently communicate your value to show the employer that you are the best fit. You must also manage your expectations. Seeking professional experience for an international student in the US can be a challenge. Learn how to navigate through the process using these strategies and resources.

Career Development Strategies

  • Manage your expectations by broadening your search area, specifically when seeking career employment. It’s important not to limit your search to one metro area. Search nationwide and abroad, including your home country.
  • Take advantage and remain connected with the resources and services offered by the Center for Career and Professional Success. 
  • Get involved on campus and seek experiences such as an internship, part-time campus job, volunteer, and attend campus career events.
  • Embrace opportunities to enhance your English speaking skills. Learn about the English Conversation Program.

Helpful Resources

  • GoinGlobal – Access via Handshake:
    • H1B Plus database provides millions of visa application listings for American employers seeking to hire international talent in the United States. Search the database to identify employers that have historically hired international professionals with your skill set.
    • Country and USA City Guides: Explore world-wide internship opportunities, job listings and industry and employment trends.
  • Stay connected to the Office of International Affairs (OIA). OIA is your primary resources for questions or concerns about Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optical Practical Training (OPT) work authorization. OIA offers workshops to help international students understand the eligibility and application procedures.
  • English Conversation Program: OIA offers this program as an opportunity for international students to practice English communication skills and learn about U.S. culture.

Resources for Students with a Disability

Did you know that self-identifying as having a disability can be beneficial to your career search? The Center for Career and Professional Success has made it easy to do so from Handshake. Once logged in, click the My Account tab, then the Personal sub-tab to edit your account.

This ensures that you receive communication from the Center alerting you to events and job postings from employers who are seeking to hire in support of Section 503 of the Rehabilitation and Disabilities Act of 1973, which regulates the recruitment and hiring practices of federal contractors in order to increase the number of people with disabilities in the workforce. Your information will be kept private and will never be shared with anyone.

Wondering about what is considered a disability?

  • For a comprehensive list of specific disabilities, go to:
  • Common disabilities include: learning and attention issues, autism spectrum disorders, cancer and major depression. 


  • Register with the Student Life Disability Services Office. Disability Services provides necessary accommodations and services related to your academic success and university life.
  • Ohio Business Leadership Network (OHBLN), affiliate of the USBLN, supports the hiring of individuals with disabilities through collaboration with their corporate partners and career programming for students.
  • Lime Connect offers career programming and preparation for students and professionals - including veterans with a disabilities with the goal of connecting them with their corporate partners.