The Center for Career and Professional Success offers a variety of services specific to the needs of Arts and Sciences students and recent graduates. These services can help you develop and refine your application materials, evaluate the effectiveness of your search strategies, identify sources of potential network contacts, and assist with interview preparation. You are strongly encouraged to utilize each of the services below throughout your career development process.

Resume Review

Resume Review Options

The Center for Career and Professional Success specializes in resume preparation for the internship or job search. For assistance preparing a CV or resume for graduate or professional school admissions, contact Career Counseling and Support Services.

Walk-In Services

Meet with a Peer Career Coach during walk-in hours to have a hard copy of your resume reviewed.  Check out our tip sheets if you need information about how to draft a resume. You may also want to consider using the Virtual Resume Builder to prepare your document.

During a walk-in you may also receive guidance about writing cover letters, preparing for interviews, and obtain a brief tutorial on use of Handshake.

Summer Semester Walk-In Hours
Mondays & Thursdays | 8:30am-11:30am

Tuesdays & Wednesdays | 1:30pm-4:30pm

Please check in with reception staff in 100 Denney Hall. The final student must be checked in 20 minutes before walk-in hours end.

Electronic Review
If you are unable to attend walk-in hours due to scheduling conflicts or other circumstances, you may submit your resume for review electronically. Please note that electronic resume reviews typically take between 3 and 5 business days; processing time may increase during busy times of the year (e.g. before a career fair or at the beginning of a semester).

  • Upload the current version of your resume to your Handshake account.
  • Contact the Arts and Sciences Career Services Office at to request a review and include a few sentences about how you are planning to use the resume. For instance, is there a specific position you'll be applying for, or do you need it for a career fair? Providing details about the types of positions you are trying to qualify for will allow the reviewer to evaluate your resume's overall effectiveness. If you are interested in meeting with a Career Prep Coach, please note this.
  • A staff member will follow up with you to provide electronic feedback about your document.
  • Once it has been approved, you may call our office at 614-292-6961 to schedule your appointment, if you requested this.

Meeting with a Career Coach

After your resume has been polished, you are eligible to meet with a Career Coach who can assist with your specific career development needs, such as finding an internship or other resume building experience, as well as preparing for interviews. Consultations are offered by appointment, and obtaining an office-approved resume through the walk-in or electronic review process is required prior to scheduling an appointment. Learn more about career coaching below.

A note about resume approval: Think of your resume as a living document that grows and changes as you gain experience through volunteering, internships, part-time jobs, and other opportunities. Please continue to update your resume and have it reviewed by a staff member, even after it has been approved to meet with a coach. Staff members are willing to provide feedback multiple times over the course of your Ohio State career.

Meet with a Career Coach

Just as obtaining a degree consists of classes that build upon one another until you reach an expected level of proficiency, moving successfully from the classroom to the workplace is also a process that requires you to take action and reflect.  Take action now to build a strong resume.  Take action now to establish professional relationships with those who can serve as your references.  Opportunities abound for taking action via internships, volunteer roles, student research positions, and the other forms of workplace learning that are popular options among students in the Arts and Sciences!  

Handshake is a great starting point for identifying internships and other types of resume builders to pursue before you graduate, and a Career Prep Advisor can assist you along the way with your search.

Assistance Provided by Career Coach

Each Career Coach tracks opportunities associated with particular career clusters. You can view information about the career coach staff and the clusters they advise here. When you meet with a Career Coach, they can:

  • assist you with identifying and considering how specific resume builders will support your career goals
  • suggest strategies aimed at enhancing your candidacy for opportunities
  • help you understand the selection process from the perspective of internship coordinators (or those at the other workplace learning sites you are considering)
  • advise on a recommended timeline for conducting your search in relation to when you want to do a resume builder
  • assist with finding opportunities in geographic and/or career areas not included among the postings in Handshake
  • help you evaluate how a particular experience contributed to your skill set, and discuss how to best capture the experience on your resume

Obtaining an Appointment with a Career Coach

All students interested in meeting with a Career Coach are required to bring to their first appointment a resume approved by the Career Center.

Before you can obtain an appointment with a Career Coach you will also need to indicate which career cluster best describes your interests at this point in time. As an Arts and Sciences student, you may choose to join any of our 10 Career Communities. Each community is based around an industry and will offer you unique content – such as connections to alumni or employers within that industry and events that will prepare you for that next step. Regardless of your major, you can explore or attend a number of events across industry or interest. When you meet with a Career Coach they can provide guidance related to your desired Career Community.

Obtaining Assistance with Your Post-Graduation Job Search

The Career Center offers a variety of tools and resources to help you get started with your search. In addition, you may wish to schedule an appointment with Career Counseling and Support Services to discuss how to efficiently and effectively execute your job search. The service is free and available to alumni for two sessions up to one semester past graduation. 

Career Fairs & Events

Arts and Sciences Center for Career and Professional Success sponsors a variety of events to broaden your awareness of career options and help you connect with employers. Follow our Events page to stay up to date about these and other career development opportunities. From August to April, new information is added weekly!

Career Fairs

Career fairs provide an opportunity for students and recent grads to network with employers and learn about internship and career opportunities.  Many employers enjoy recruiting at job fairs to assess face-to-face whether potential candidates have the communication skills, relevant experiences, and other qualifications needed to advance in their selection process. Because you must “work” the fair to make a positive impression with employers, you are strongly encouraged to review the Career Fair Strategies tip sheet when preparing for your first career fair. View the College of Arts and Sciences Career Center fairs.

Resume Reboot

Our special all-day resume review walk-in hours are generally held before large campus career fairs. This is an excellent opportunity get feedback on your resume before attending a career fair or if our regular walk-in hours don't align well with your schedule. During Resume Reboot, you can also learn strategies for presenting your resume to an employer at a career fair and for making a general positive impression during the event.

Information Sessions & Office Hours

Employers may hold sessions for students and recent grads to learn more about their company and promote positions posted in Handshake. Information sessions are formal recruitment events so you’ll want to wear business casual clothing. Office hours are casual opportunities to meet with a recruiter in between your classes. It’s good to have an “elevator pitch” prepared for these events.

"How-To" Presentations & Career Panels

Student organizations have the opportunity to schedule a “how-to” presentation to guide their members in being more successful when communicating with employers, finding internships, and learning other key career development tactics. Request a presentation. Each term, the office organizes career panels for you to learn about the career paths of alumni and others committed to supporting your transition from college to career. 

Presentation Topics

  • Career services Overview – The process of exploring your interest and preparing for life after graduation is not easy and can be overwhelming at times. In this session, you’ll learn about the resources and services Arts and Sciences Career Center offers that will help you discover your interest and obtain the experience and skills necessary to succeed in the workplace
  • Identifying Your Workplace Skills - Zeroing in on the skills that you are developing in and outside of the classroom will make it easier for you to write strong resumes and cover letters.  Having this awareness is also key when responding to interview questions that are directed at helping the employer to rate your competencies against other candidates
  • Getting Started with Writing a Resume – Are you ready to begin the process of applying for an internship or job but uncertain of what to include on your resume, or how to communicate your skills and experience? Resumes are often your first opportunity to impress an employer. During this session you’ll receive guidance for creating an effective resume and access to helpful tips and resources
  • Beyond the Classroom: Finding Experiential Learning Opportunities - You know that landing a great job or getting into the best graduate school requires a stellar academic record. But what else do you need to accomplish during college to make yourself marketable? This session addresses which forms of experiential learning support your career goals as well as how to find the experiential learning options that are available to you on campus and beyond
  • Internship Search Strategies - Not sure how or where to start your internship search? Swing by the Internship Search Strategies presentation to learn the best places to begin along with insider tips that will help you stand out from the crowd when applying for an internship
  • Interviewing Effectively - Preparing for an upcoming internship or job interview?  Give yourself the confidence you need to succeed in that interview through this interactive session. Learn the best techniques to help you before, during, and after the interview
  • Responding to Commonly Asked Interview Questions - You know the basic techniques for interviewing…but do you really know what employers are looking for when they ask a question? During this session, you will learn about the thought processes behind interview questions and best practices for answering them
  • Career Fair Strategies - Career fairs are important ways to connect with employers for internship and job opportunities. This session addresses the best ways to prepare before a fair, how to execute at the fair, and how to follow up afterward
  • Networking Strategies - Networking opportunities are endless.  During this interactive session you will learn how to start networking, the variety of ways networking can occur, and best practices for networking
  • Using LinkedIn to Network and Obtain Internships - Did you know that most recruiters expect students to have a professional LinkedIn profile? This session will show you best practices on setting up your profile, as well as how to build your professional network and find internship and career opportunities
  • Using Your Handshake Account - So you've heard about the Arts and Sciences online job and internship database, Handshake, but you aren’t sure how to start using it. This session will guide you through completing your profile, show you how to effectively search for positions, and highlight additional job and internship search resources available through the system.

To track the dates and times of career panels, employer information sessions, career fairs, webinars, and other events directed as supporting your transition from Ohio State to the workplace, check our events calendar on a regular basis.

Signature Programming

The intent of the following programs are to offer all students the opportunity to engage in career programs that create connections between students with particular career interests and professionals who have such expertise. Be on the look-out for announcements about these programs throughout the year.

Career Connections Series

This series consist of networking nights focused on popular career community destinations for arts and sciences students. The goal of the series is to connect you with alumni and other key professionals who’ve all secured a career in your career community of interest. Students will learn about career paths related to their interest and gain insight on job search tactics to use for entering the field.

Life Beyond Degree

Life Beyond Degree (LBD) consist of programming for areas of study where a major is not generally directed toward a particular professional pathway and/or industry. LBD targets students from a single area of study and will connect you to alumni who utilized their degree in various industries and/or position types. LBD programming supports the development of career readiness competencies and career exploration.

Career/Professional Conferences

These conferences consist of concurrent workshops that apply to each stage of your professional process. Potential focus areas might include: STEM, Pre-Med, Business and Government and Non-Profit.

ASC on the Road: Ask a Career Coach

Career Coaches are stationed throughout the semester at several designated locations for you to drop by for advice on resumes, how to connect with Ohio State alumni for networking, exploring career options, and just about all things career related!