The College of Arts and Sciences Center for Career and Professional Success (”Career Success”) is proud to incorporate the voice of our students through our Student Advisory Board. Board members provide the student voice in decisions made by Career Success regarding how we connect with, serve, and propel our students into their lifetime of opportunity.

Board members duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Participation in board meetings up to three times per semester
  • Sharing insights and thoughts virtually by responding to short surveys
  • Supporting career development opportunities for their peers by identifying best practices in communication and promotion
  • Partcipation in at least two Career Success events or programs of their choice per semester

If you are interested in serving on the Career Success Student Advisory Board for the 2021-2022 academic year, apply today!

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Thank you to our Student Advisory Board, 2020-2021!

Career Success Student Advisory Board member, Courtney Clark

Courtney Clark
English Literature
Professional Goals: My goal is to become a children’s and Young Adult fiction writer as well as become a Reading Interventionist Specialist for the Columbus City schools district.
"I want to serve my peers as a SAB member, because I know it’s hard to feel seen and feel a part of a community as large as The Ohio State University. I want to use my voice and give my ideas on how to help my underrepresented peers become prepared for their future careers or internships. I am excited to work with my fellow peers and board members to create fun and informational events!"

Career Success Student Advisory Board member, Ema Davis

Ema Davis
Professional Goals: To be an attorney
"I wanted to be a part of the Student Advisory Board to contribute my perspective as a transfer student and nontraditional student to the conversation about career development resources that the University offers."

Career Success Student Advisory Board member, Gabriella Ely

Gabriella Ely
Criminology & Sociology
Professional Goals: My professional goals start with completing my undergraduate degree. From there, I wish to attend University of Cincinnati for their Criminal Justice Graduate Program. Long term, I wish to become a criminal investigator.
"As an advocate for people from all walks of life, I thought this would be a great platform to be able to collaborate and give a voice to those who deserve it. Lastly, through my time in multiple other leadership positions, I am able to garner more education and experience. With everything that I am taught, I feel it is best to give back to the community that has helped me thrive so much, so that others may do the same. I am pleased to be presented with such an enriching opportunity, thank you for having me."

Career Success Student Advisory Board member, Tommy Guirguis

Thomas Guirguis
Professional Goals: I currently am on the premed track in hopes of one day going to medical school and becoming an interventional radiologist.
"I want to serve my peers as a member of the SAB because I think that this is a really helpful resource for all students, but is something that not all people know of. My goal is to introduce people to this organization and also serve minorities, like myself, in any way I can in order to be exposed to many different career opportunities and one day achieve career success."

Career Success Student Advisory Board member, Griffin Hankins

Griffin Hankins
Professional Goals: After finishing my Undergrad I want to go back to school and get my Masters in Professional Counseling in hopes of one day becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor. I am incredibly interested in mental health and psychology, I hope to work in individual and couples therapy!
"I think that it is imperative for students to have their voices heard in all areas of University, especially in a year where we cannot meet in person. I feel as though I have a lot to offer being a transfer student as well as someone who is beginning to try and navigate the professional world."

Career Success Student Advisory Board member, Noor Hasan

Noor Hasan
Air Transportation & Korean
Professional Goals: Boeing 737 Captain
"Career Success provides students with the opportunity to get to know all the opportunities out there for them along with how and where to start with these opportunities. Since volunteering with the American Red Cross starting in 2019, I've gained the confidence and love of volunteering and was able to develop my management skills, in addition to learning how to deal with different personalities and backgrounds."

Career Success Student Advisory Board member, Jessica Ismail

Jessica Ismail
Professional Goals: Upon completing my undergraduate degree, I hope to continue my education in order to become a physician.
"I am excited to serve my peers as a member of the SAB. I think we can all agree that college brings out a whirlwind of emotions through all the ups and downs we experience. I hope to work together with my peers to create a safe and uplifting environment where each and every single student can feel supported. Let us all build one another up and encourage each other to accomplish our goals!"

Career Success Student Advisory Board member, Chase Keller

Chase Keller
Professional Goals: I want to earn my Master’s in history so that I may be eligible for the PhD program here at OSU or another top tier so that I may achieve my dream of becoming a Head Historian.
"I want to serve my peers as a member of the SAB because as a 25-year-old, first gen college student I can offer a new perspective due to not being a typical student."

Career Success Student Advisory Board member, Ally Leamy

Ally Leamy
Professional Goals: I aspire to work in Human Resources, specifically training and development to better the efficiency and culture of the workplace.
"The Center for Career Success has played a large role in my success here at Ohio State. The resources have benefitted me immensely and I would love to play a role in allowing more students to receive the help I have. Ohio State offers so much to students, it is our privilege to utilize these opportunities and I want to help students access those opportunities."

Career Success Student Advisory Board member, Mallory Ohlin Mallory Ohlin
Psychology, Sociology
Professional Goals: After graduating in the spring, I hope to find work relevant to my studies. It would be amazing to work and travel abroad and take time to gain further experience in my field and grow as a professional. After honing in on my interests and skillsets, I plan on going back to school for a graduate degree.
"The Center of Career and Professional Success is such an amazing resource offered to Ohio State students; I would love to find ways to expand and improve its outreach."

Career Success Student Advisory Board member, Deepta Paramasamy

Deepta Paramasamy
Chemistry & French
Professional Goals: I want to go to grad school and eventually obtain my PhD. Then become a researcher, maybe in pharmaceuticals.
"I think the resources offered by CSC are severely underutilized. They could be a great asset that could help you succeed in and after school, in the professional world. I not only want to use take advantage of these opportunities myself, but also help my peers recognize how valuable these tools and meetings are, especially since they are already part of the OSU package!"

Career Success Student Advisory Board member, Reegan Pomponio

Reegan Pomponio
Professional Goals: I ultimately hope to become a psychologist and work in private practice.
"The more questions I started asking while career planning, the more I realized that my peers must be going through the same struggles and uncertainty. I wanted to serve my peers as a member of the SAB because I am passionate about helping others. I look forward to guiding fellow students and contributing new ideas!"

Career Success Student Advisory Board member, Maria Priore

Mia (Maria) Priore
Speech Hearing Sciences
Professional Goals: Earn my AuD, MD, and run a clinic that focuses on accessible and culturally inclusive assessments for d/Deaf and hard of hearing people. Eventually, I would like to grow my practice to include whole brain and cognitive processing therapy for speech/ communication disorders.
"As someone with diverse work experience, I am constantly sharing my experiences, mistakes, and successes with my peers. I have seen the stress and fear in my peers as we discuss our futures. I’m lucky to have failed and struggled while being supported by amazing professionals and mentors. My mentors have guided me to a career I look forward to everyday. My goal for being a member of the SAB is to elevate the questions, concerns of my peers. While doing this I hope to provide them with the resources necessary to spark passion for a career and excitement for the future."

Career Success Student Advisory Board member, Vonnie Reid-Scott

Vonnie Reid-Scott
Strategic Communication & Professional Writing
Professional Goals: Earn my J.D. w focus in criminal or civil law. I hope to work with underrepresented populations and eventually become a judge while owning a hair business.
"I want students like me to be represented and know there is help if they need it, I also need help with my own career development!"

Career Success Student Advisory Board member, Ethan Shaw

Ethan Shaw
Political Science and Economics
Professional Goals: I hope to eventually become a defense attorney and start my own firm.
"As a transfer student coming from a small school, the size of OSU is certainly jarring. The Arts & Sciences school is the biggest college at OSU and can make you feel like a small fish in a giant pond. I joined the Student Advisory Board to be a voice to transfer students and to help decipher what methods and programs are the most effective at securing job/internship opportunities for students."

Career Success Student Advisory Board member, Lexi Shishoff

Lexie Shishoff
Biology & Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology
Professional Goals: Physician
"I believe that everyone can accomplish their dreams and I want to ensure the success of my peers’ career goals by looking through a creative lens. I understand that not one path works for every individual student, I have experienced with this myself coming from many different backgrounds as an unconventional transfer student and a member of the disabled community. I have had to work differently from my peers to accomplish many things in my life. I plan to serve my peers with the utmost care and respect, working to help those in our community accomplish their dreams."

Career Success Student Advisory Board member, Nico Warner

Nico Warner
History & Political Science
Professional Goals: I want to get an internship this summer preferably in Washington D.C. working with the government. After graduation I want to work for a couple of years before attending law school. My goal is to become a lawyer but I'm not sure what type of law I want to practice yet.
"I have had great experiences with ASC Center for Career and Professional Success programs such as the Resume Review and Match Mentorship programs. Serving on the Student Advisory Board is a way for me to give back to Career Success which has helped me tremendously in achieving my own professional goals. I'm grateful for the professional opportunities that I have had. I want to help other students achieve their professional goals so they can have great internship and volunteer experiences like I have had."

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