College Credit Plus Teacher Credentialing Programs

College Credit Plus is Ohio’s dual enrollment program that provides students in grades 7-12 the opportunity to earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking courses from Ohio colleges or universities. The following graduate modules in our Departments of English, Mathematics and Physics are designed to prepare high school teachers to offer College Credit Plus instruction in their respective fields.


This online graduate certificate program has been created to serve teachers seeking to improve their pedagogical content knowledge to support their teaching of College Credit Plus (CCP) courses. This program consists of four graduate courses, totaling 18 graduate credit hours, that are entirely online, asynchronous and scheduled throughout the year in half or full semester offerings. These courses examine content found in general chemistry courses, but at a much deeper level. 

All courses are flexible, interactive and supportive, but also demanding. Participants will be able to choose from diverse resources to support their learning and will share ideas with classmates and the instructor. Participants will succeed in these courses, but it is important to realize these courses require a high level of commitment and dedication. Like other learning environments, the learner’s motivation and purpose for taking a course are important factors that influence their experiences in the course. Participants eager to improve their own instruction, find resources to use with their students and deepen their content knowledge, will find this program especially rewarding.

College Credit Plus Teacher Credentialing Program in Chemistry.pdf


The Department of Mathematics has developed a program of 18 graduate credit hours in mathematics to prepare high school teachers of College Credit plus (CCP) courses. The program will build a pool of high school teachers working near and above the boundary of college-level mathematics, equipping teachers with the skills to teach college-level math to their high school classes so they can earn college credit.

Candidates should be certified high school teachers who have at least three years of experience teaching high school mathematics and the desire to teach courses for college credit. They should have an undergraduate mathematics degree and, ideally, a B average or better in their mathematics courses.

The program consists of six (3) credit hour graduate mathematics and statistics courses offered over fifteen months (first cohort schedule given in the PDF below).

College Credit Plus Teacher Credentialing Program in Mathematics.pdf

Contact Dr. Brad Findell (, associate director of mathematics programs for teachers, with questions.


The Department of Physics has created a tailor-made supportive program designed to prepare teachers to teach introductory college physics in much less time, and at much less cost, than a traditional master’s degree program. Consisting of four graduate courses, totaling 18 graduate credit hours, the program will qualify educators to teach college credit plus physics in their own schools. The program combines an active learning inquiry-based pedagogical approach, giving teachers the tools to succeed and deepen their educational impact. With close coordination with multiple introductory undergraduate courses offered at Ohio State, teachers will gain an authentic experience involving the courses they will replicate in their own classrooms. Teachers will leave with a course ready to teach upon completion of the program. More information about courses and schedule can be viewed in the PDF below.

College Credit Plus Teacher Credentialing Program in Physics.pdf

Contact Dr. Andrew Dougherty ( with questions.

How to apply as a non-degree graduate student

The graduate non-degree application is located on the Graduate and Professional Admissions website.

The applications are located under the apply tab and separated by available term.

Steps to apply (new graduate students):

  • Once you select the correct application, select "Graduate Non-Degree" as the academic program/plan field.
  • Then, complete the application and upload proof of degree. Acceptable documents are:
    • a copy of an official transcript with a statement of degree and date received; or
    • a copy of an official diploma with the date the degree was awarded; or
    • a scan of an official transcript with degree statement; or
    • a degree certificate.
  • Submit the application and pay the fee of $60.
  • After the application has been processed, students will need to log in to their applicant center and accept their admissions (this process is detailed in the notice of admission).

Students who were previously admitted to the Graduate School:

Any student who has previously attended Ohio State as graduate student (degree-seeking, or non-degree) should not apply as a new student. Rather, returning students should complete the reactivation form located on the Graduate School’s website.


  • Visit the new student to-do list to complete additional important tasks after being admitted.
  • Students are able to count up to seven credit hours of graduate non-degree courses toward a graduate degree.
  • Cost for courses is on a per credit hour basis: $745.50/credit hour for Ohio residents for summer 2019.  This includes the instructional and general fee; other fees are additional.

More information is available on the Graduate and Professional Admissions website.