Coming together in the face of an unprecedented challenge

How Arts and Sciences is countering COVID-19 

Navigating COVID-19 demands ingenuity, compassion, empathy and spirit. The College of Arts and Sciences community exemplifies these traits. From ensuring continuity of education by moving over 4,000 courses online to Arts and Sciences experts addressing the pandemic at the state and national levels, we’re striving to develop new solutions and find ways to help. Together, we are and always will be champions for people. And together, we will weather this storm.

Wexner Medical Center COVID-19 hub

COVID Connect: Making Connections, Finding Solutions

COVID Connect: Making Connections, Finding Solutions

VirusCOVID-19 is a challenge unlike any other, and Ohio State has the capacity to respond. That’s why the College of Public Health developed COVID Connect, an interdisciplinary effort that links Ohio organizations with faculty and subject matter experts across and beyond Ohio State — including those in data sciences, social and behavioral sciences, and communication.

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Thank an Arts and Sciences Buckeye

In these challenging times, we turn to each other for support, guidance and encouragement. Here are examples of how our Arts and Sciences family is rallying together. 

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In the News

Indigenous Mexicans turn inward to survive COVID-19

While the coronavirus rages across Mexico, some Indigenous communities in the country's state of Oaxaca are finding creative ways to cope, barricading their villages and growing their own food, writes professor of anthropology Jeffrey Cohen in The Conversation.

One-third of jobs lost to COVID-19 were back online in May

About one-third of U.S. workers who were laid off or absent from work in April because of COVID-19 were back to work in May, according to a new analysis of employment data led by economics PhD alumnus Wei Cheng and co-written by economics professor Bruce Weinberg.

Twitter posts reveal polarization in Congress on COVID-19

Carter Phillips and Sue Henry Associate Professor of Political Science Skyler Cranmer and political science doctoral student Jon Green analyzed the nearly 31,000 tweets members of Congress sent about COVID-19, revealing how quickly parties diverged on the public health crisis.

Glacial ice will likely hold records of the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers say

The ways in which COVID-19 is impacting the world evolve every day, and glacial ice is most certainly collecting evidence, say Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center researchers Lonnie Thompson and Ellen Mosley-Thompson in Ohio State News.

Documenting religion during COVID-19

The American Religious Sounds Project (ARSP) recently launched a new crowd-sourced initiative seeking to document what religion sounds like during the age of COVID-19, and they want to hear from you! Full details on the story behind the endeavor at Ohio State News, and details on how to record and submit a sound can be found at ARSP's website


Relaxing social distancing measures and getting back to a semblance of normalcy might not be as straight-forward as we think, says associate professor of history and futurist David Staley in The Columbus Dispatch.

The racial disparities brought to light by the coronavirus

The Washington Center for Equitable Growth spoke with professor of economics Trevon Logan, who discussed the disparate health impacts of COVID-19 among African Americans and the economic repurcussions that follow.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended those going out in public wear homemade face coverings to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. Trevon Logan, professor of economics and associate dean of Arts and Sciences, voiced his concerns about those guidelines for people of color in an interview with CNN.

The couple and conversation behind Battelle's mask sterilization technology

Department of Microbiology alumna Laurie Hommema, now medical director of provider and associate wellbeing at OhioHealth, started a conversation with her husband that led to Battelle's new Critical Care Decontamination System. The couple was interviewed about the breakthrough by 10TV and NBC News.

How will fans react to games in empty stadiums?

Nicole Kraft, associate professor-clinical in the School of Communication and director of the Sports and Society Initiative, spoke with The Athletic about the absense of sports due to the pandemic and what athletics mean to people and our culture.

Little Demons, Death And Biting Dogs: How We Picture Disease

The way we visually represent disease has changed dramatically over time as our medical knowledge has grown. Jared Gardner, professor of popular culture in the Department of English, discusses the evolution of our depiction of disease in an interview with NPR.

'I am hoping we're overpredicting': Q&A with Ohio State University coronavirus modelers

Joe Tien, associate professor of mathematics with dual appointment in the Division of Epidemiology in the College of Public Health, spoke with the Cincinnati Enquirer about his research modeling the coronavirus.

Microbiology alumna works to sterilize PPE in New York City

Department of Microbiology alumna Hiba Shamma now works for Battelle and was deployed to New York City at the end of March as part of the team who will be sterilizing masks for reuse by health care providers.

Ohio State and Connecticut College students do virtual trio performances

Department of Dance senior seminar students, instructed by Associate Professor Mitchell Rose, and students at Connecticut College collaborated over Zoom to choreograph 2-minute trio performances after being given four prompts and 40 minutes to create in individual breakout rooms.

Design Annual Spring Exhibition moves online

The Department of Design has launched its Annual Spring Exhibition online. Get to know the graduating seniors and get a glimpse of projects that illustrate their creative visions.

TBDBITL Buckeye Battle Cry: Social Distancing Edition

TBDBITL Buckeye Battle Cry: Social Distancing Edition

Even when TBDBITL is separated, they work together to showcase their Ohio State spirit.


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