Derby Hall


  • Center for Urban and Regional Analysis (CURA) (basement)
  • Department of Geography (1st floor)
  • Department of Political Science (2nd floor)
  • School of Communication (3rd floor)

Derby Hall is located on the North Oval, between Bricker and Hopkins Halls.

Located in the basement, the Center for Urban and Regional Analysis (CURA) is the hub for urban issues on campus. An interdisciplinary research center, CURA offers undergraduates opportunities to assist faculty and scientists on basic research in mapping, data design, spatial analysis, geocoding and grant writing. CURA is home to the virtual Global Urban Commons, a global directory for urban researchers.

The Department of Geography, with an undergraduate program ranked 5th in the country, is located on the first floor of Derby Hall. Several classrooms and research labs are located here along with the Ohio State Meteorology Club and a host of campus weather instruments and data logger equipment.

The Department of Political Science is located on the second floor of Derby Hall. Academic advisors and all of the department’s faculty are located here. The department's affiliated clubs, located in the Ohio Union, include the Collegiate Council on World Affairs (CCWA) student organization; Ohio State’s Model United Nations; The Alexander Hamilton Society, College Democrats; College Republicans; and The Journal of Politics and International Affairs (JPIA), a student-run journal.

The School of Communication, on the third floor of the building, is home to the Lantern Media Group, a multimedia news organization that includes The Lantern, Ohio’s top college newspaper, a digital television station and various social media outlets. In addition to multimedia classrooms, the school offers undergraduates the most up-to-date and technologically modern research and teaching spaces. They include the Children and Media Research Lab; HCI/Focus Group Suite; Statistics Instruction and Research room; Gaming Research Lab; Media Integration Lab; and Multimedia Design and Research Lab.