Hagerty Hall

Hagerty Hall is located on the South Oval, adjacent to Mendenhall Laboratory.

The main floor of Hagerty Hall is where you’ll find the World Media and Culture Center, a series of spaces dedicated to global media and training in cutting edge technologies. Facilities include an individualized instruction center; hypermedia studio, global gallery, videoconference center and digital collaborative classroom.

The Crane Café on the first floor broadcasts live programs, such as news, weather, films and game shows broadcast in more than 14 languages. Sharpen your language skills by watching satellite broadcasts in the languages that you’re studying (while enjoying breakfast or lunch).

The Hagerty Hall Courtyard contains designed modules (Petit Five) created by Jim Isenmann. The modules mimic the five-sided shape of the courtyard and are made of the same fade-resistant, durable material used for playground equipment. Seating can be arranged for classes, small-group meetings or independent work. Cup-holders double as feet when turned upside down!


  • American Sign Language (ASL) Program (4th floor)
  • Arts and Sciences Technology Services (main floor)
  • Arts and Sciences Hagerty Hall Advising (4th floor)
  • Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures (CLLC)
  • Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CMRS) (4th floor)
  • Center for the Study of Religion (4th floor)
  • Comparative Studies (4th floor)
  • Crane Café (main floor)
  • Digital Union (main floor)
  • East Asian Languages and Literatures (3d floor)
  • Film Studies Program (main floor)
  • Foreign Languages Bookstore (main floor)
  • French and Italian (2nd floor)
  • Germanic Languages and Literatures (4th floor)
  • Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (3rd floor)
  • Slavic and East European Languages and Literatures (4th floor)
  • Spanish and Portuguese (2nd floor)
  • World Media and Culture Center (main floor)