High Energy Density Physics (HEDP) - Scarlet Laser Facility

Once the stuff of science fiction, today’s ultra-intense laser systems are the ultimate drivers of real science that take researchers places they could not dream of going before.

No natural process on earth compares with table-top laser systems that produce star-like conditions generating bright, high-energy x-rays that easily penetrate high-density matter. Like high-speed cameras, the quick burst of x-rays captures accurate images of complex biological molecules before they change, without destroying them.

HEDP researchers focus on experiments in both fundamental and applied science, using high-intensity short-pulse lasers to conduct leading-edge research in laser-plasma interactions.

Areas of research include relativistic optics and ion production for potential use in cancer therapy, alternative energy sources and homeland security applications, to name a few.

The group focuses on education and training for both graduate and undergraduate students, who are given the opportunity to learn how powerful lasers work and how to conduct leading-edge research in intense light-matter interactions.

@OSUPhysics researchers use lasers to conduct leading-edge research in laser-plasma interactions #ASCDaily