Hopkins Hall

Hopkins Hall, situated directly on the Oval in the midst of the university’s Arts District, recently underwent a complete two-year, two-phase renovation. On the outside, the dated brick exterior of the circa-1959 building was replaced with gleaming walls of glass. Thanks to these glass curtain walls that cover the north and south facades of the building, there is an abundance of natural light within the building.

Inside, the entire structure was reconfigured to create more effective use of space for artists to work together, all with a nod to sustainability and energy efficiency. The building was granted a Silver LEED Certification for its environmental performance, including energy-efficient lighting, plumbing and HVAC upgrades.

Hopkins Hall houses the university’s Department of Art and nearly all of its program areas, including ceramics, art and technology, photography, drawing and painting and printmaking. (The glass and sculpture programs are housed on Ohio State’s West Campus, in the Sherman Studio Art Center, 1055 Carmack Rd.)

Hopkins Hall Gallery, located near the Oval entrance to the building, is part of the Arts Initiative at Ohio State, and is the venue for a variety of faculty, student, departmental and specially curated exhibitions and programs. It functions as a dynamic learning space, where outstanding exhibition and curatorial development can take place.

Department of Art resources housed in Hopkins Hall also include the Baggs Memorial Library (ceramics), a range of high-end technology lab equipment, an art and design research woodshop, four large painting rooms and four large drawing rooms, a printmaking studio, experimental project spaces and 45 graduate student studios.

The building is named for James R. Hopkins, who arrived at Ohio State in 1923 as a visiting artist and chaired the Department of Fine Arts for nearly a quarter of a century.


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