Sherman Studio Art Center

The Sherman Studio Art Center, situated on Ohio State’s West Campus, is home to the Department of Art’s glass and sculpture areas. Artist and alumnus Roy Lichtenstein endowed the center in honor of former Ohio State Art Professor Hoyt L. Sherman.

The glass program occupies 11 rooms of the center, which is equipped for "hot" glass forming including glassblowing and glass casting; "warm" processes including glass fusing, slumping, casting, enameling and decorative surface work; and "cold working" glass such as grinding, cutting, drilling, sandblasting and construction of stained glass and fabricated sculpture.

The sculpture area houses a foundry, full metal fabrication shop, full wood shop and plenty of fabrication space.

Sculpture and glass students share a gallery, The Clean Space, a 35-by-24 foot space used for class critiques, student exhibitions, artwork experimentation and documentation.


  • Department of Art Glass and Sculpture areas