Smith Lab

Smith Lab, located in the center of the North Academic Core, is shared by the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Engineering.

Upon entering the first floor of Smith Lab, the first thing you’ll notice is the two story student lounge and study space (look for the large red rocket!). Also on the first floor is the Physics Tutoring Office.

The Arts and Sciences Honors Advising Office is located on the third floor of the building.

The Department of Anthropology is located on the fourth floor. The department is home to two majors, anthropology and anthropological sciences and the forensic science minor. Also on the fourth floor is the Center for the Study of Teaching and Writing. The center provides free help with writing at any stage of the writing process for any student.

The new Arne Slettebak Planetarium is located on the 5th floor. The planetarium is a 63-seat 30-foot dome theater with a state-of-the-art Spitz SciDome XD digital projection system giving exquisite views of the night sky, and takes you on digital journeys to the planets, stars and distant galaxies. To get to the planetarium, you will need to take the northeast elevator (or the stairs) up to the 5th floor.


  • Anthropology
  • Arts and Sciences Honors Advising
  • Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing
  • Physics Tutoring Office
  • Planetarium