Sullivant Hall


  • Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD)
  • Barnett Center for Integrated Arts and Enterprise
  • Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy
  • Department of Dance
  • Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum

Sullivant Hall, a three-story Neoclassical Revival building that dates back to 1912, was completely reconstructed and refigured in a two-year project that included major core and shell infrastructure improvements, creating more visibility and better spaces for students. The result is a silver LEED certified building that reopened in September 2014. Sullivant’s renovation is one of the most visible transformations taking place in the Arts District at the university.

Today, Sullivant Hall brings together multiple arts units on campus, opening up new creative opportunities for students to work together in the visual and performing arts.

Specialized facilities within the structure include a state-of-the-art flexible performance space – the Barnett Theatre -- on the top floor, where the roof was raised to provide natural light during the day and a black-box performance environment by night. The Department of Dance houses six dance studios, each with grand pianos, sophisticated sound systems and large-screen monitors. A conditioning studio includes Pilates machines, and a costume shop and green room support performances.

At the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design, specialized labs include the Motion Lab, a reconfigurable interdisciplinary space for motion research and performance investigation; a SIM Lab research space that enables design, prototyping, hardware and software development for non-traditional forms of user interaction; a Sonic Arts Lab for acoustic isolation and control; and a Video Lab to support production needs for high bandwidth and broadcast quality video and visual effects research.