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Arts and Sciences launches the new Center for Career and Professional Success

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The power and value of a liberal arts education transforms the world. Every day, extraordinary artists, scholars and research scientists engage students who often ask themselves how their arts and sciences education will make an impact, both for their communities and well beyond their time on campus.

While no student begins college charting out their whole career, every student deserves an opportunity to construct and design a plan that focuses on their next step. In order to foster this, the College of Arts and Sciences has committed to a new professionally focused standard, ensuring that all students have every opportunity to help them gain career clarity and connections. This commitment has resulted in the expansion and formation of the Center for Career and Professional Success.Launching in autumn 2018, the center’s vision is to galvanize a community of engaged professional champions so every student is prepared to design their lifetime of opportunity.

To achieve this, the college launched a national search in 2017, recruiting Brian Guerrero from the University of California, Berkeley’s Career Center to establish a career education model that meets the varied and unique needs of its nearly 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students. During his first six months, Guerrero has connected with a variety of stakeholders, including students, faculty, academic advisors, campus partners, employers and alumni.

“Listening to and learning from our key constituents will continue to drive our service delivery. It’s clear the campus community views career and professional success with significant importance,” said Guerrero. As resources and services grow, he aims to establish a new enterprise that is uniquely liberal arts focused.

As such, the center will be launching a career communities and connections model. The model features 10 industry-focused communities so students can gain deeper insight and understand how their education relates to future opportunities. Led by career coaches, students can join multiple communities and attend events that help them through the discovery-to-search continuum of their professional journey.

How does the Center for Career and Professional Success stand out?

“While other campuses also provide world-class education, they often don’t go beyond that. Arts and Sciences not only provides an unmatched educational experience but also is ready to go beyond the classroom,” Guerrero said. “The college is providing students with a competitive edge, which gives them strong footing in a rapidly changing career landscape.”

What impact will the new Arts and Sciences Center for Career and Professional Success have? The college believes it will emerge as a national model in liberal arts career education, building stronger relationships throughout the Ohio State ecosystem and beyond.        

For the short term, the center will work on a number of priorities that include:

  • Identifying an appropriate space, one that will enhance connections and inspire students and employers to engage in meaningful ways
  • Embracing modern technologies and a new web presence that articulates the intersections of a liberal arts education and career development
  • Establishing an industry connections team to integrate industry partners into initiatives that help students translate classroom education to the professional world
  • Developing and elevating national career readiness competencies
  • Increasing involvement of alumni in student support efforts, in particular growing a mentoring program

An emerging enterprise is only as strong as the support it receives from professional champions, like alumni or industry partners, who realize they have the ability to unlock the tremendous potential of next-generation Buckeyes.

When asked how professional champions can support student career success, Guerrero said that it is easy.

“Reach out to the center and share how you would like to lend your expertise to students. There is always a way to connect you with talented Buckeyes who can benefit from your insight, professional experiences or employment/internship opportunities.”

The Center for Career and Professional Success welcomes alumni to connect with students when they are back on campus or throughout the entire school year, or to connect virtually, across a variety of programming options, including joining the ASC Match 50 Mentor Program, participating in career connections events or inviting students to visit their organization. Learn more at: go.osu.edu/ccps-alumni