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Andy Meyer

Arts Management

Andy Meyer, a fourth-year student from Westerville, Ohio, is majoring in arts management with a minor in printmaking. Meyer is a student assistant at The Arts Initiative in the College of Arts and Sciences. Part of the initiative includes an on-campus gallery, Hopkins Hall Gallery, and a downtown 10,000 square foot exhibition and alternative performance space, Urban Arts Space. It also serves as a professional launching pad for Ohio State students, like Andy Meyer.

What are your responsibilities at Urban Arts Space?

I am a City Center Gallery co-director. The City Center Gallery recognizes and assists emerging Ohio artists through the leadership of student assistants and staff advisers. As a co-director, I am in charge of the call for entries and organizing those entries. Once I do that, I assemble a committee of student assistants and staff to vote on the entries. We select which exhibition proposals will be featured in the gallery. This year we had 55 entries and the voting process took about four hours. We chose five proposals to be featured, after getting approval from our supervisor. Each winning proposal is awarded a month-long exhibition.

I install and de-install artwork in the gallery, arrange for someone to interview the artists so we can better show their personality during their exhibition and collaborate with the other co-director to plan the Hopkins Hall summer series.

I’m also a tours student assistant and I am in charge of organizing and giving gallery exhibition and Lazarus rooftop garden tours.

Andy Meyer

What have you learned since working at Urban Arts Space? 

I have learned quite a lot. I’ve learned how to give a tour, which has tremendously helped my public speaking skills. I’ve gained solid communication skills and even some teaching skills. I am continuing to learn all about the art culture at Ohio State, but I’ve also have gotten experience with some manual labor such as installing artwork and drywall. 

Andy Meyer giving a tour

What is your favorite part of working at Urban Arts Space?

The people. Everyone I work with really appreciates the arts.

I also like how I am directly contributing to the arts and culture of Columbus through this position.

Why did you choose Ohio State?

The amount of opportunities here. 

Future Plans? 

I love political art. It is something I am passionate about because I want people to be heard through political art and the conversations surrounding it. I want people to be aware of social and political issues and I believe political art is a great avenue for that.

Andy Meyer working on an installation

Do you have any advice for other students?

Create your own opportunities. Everyone you meet can be a future connection, so meet as many people as possible.