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Anna Prior

Junior, Arts Management

In April 2019, junior arts management major Anna Prior was announced as one of Ohio State's 150 Sesquicentennial Scholars — 32 of which are in the Arts and Sciences. The Sesquicentennial Student Leader Scholarship program aims to increase access and affordability, as well as recognize students’ academic and non-academic accomplishments and diverse interests.

Why did you choose your major?

I initially started as a business major. After realizing that wasn't quite the right fit, I wanted to find a major that would still help me gain those business and leadership skills, while also allowing me to continue to explore my passion: music and theatre. Arts management students have the opportunity to take accounting, finance and economics, alongside classes that focus on nonprofit management, public policy and international affairs. The option to take a variety of classes was what drew me to this major (and to the College of Arts and Sciences!). Ohio State is one of the very few institutions that have Arts Management as an undergraduate program, so I was very lucky to have stumbled upon it!

What does being a Sesquicentennial Scholar mean to you?

For me, being a Sesquicentennial Scholar means getting to share my deep love for Buckeye Nation with current students, alumni and the Columbus community. My favorite part of being a scholar so far has been getting to attend and speak at alumni events. I have met some of the most amazing alumni who have had incredible careers and lives. When they ask me what my plans are for after graduation, and I say I'm not quite sure yet, it's incredibly reassuring when they all answer, "That's okay, I didn't know either!" I really enjoy getting to share my Ohio State experience with the alumni, and hearing about how different their experiences were. In my opinion, that's what the Sesquicentennial is all about: coming together as a community to celebrate Buckeyes past, present and future.

Explain what you love about being in the College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio State.

One of my favorite things about Arts and Sciences is how diverse everyone's background, interests and hobbies are. From neuroscience to music education, the College of Arts and Sciences has the largest variety of majors on campus. Everyone in the college is unique in their own way, and everyone is always excited to hear about other people's interests. I think the college does a really great job of embracing everyone's passions, and never prioritizing one area of interest above another.

How do you hope to inspire the next generation?

I hope to inspire the next generation by advocating for arts in education. More and more these days, you see education leaning towards STEM only fields. However, the importance of theatre, music, dance and art in education can not be overstated! No matter if a child grows up to be a surgeon, a teacher or an actor, art education provides students with the chance to learn creativity, teamwork and so many other valuable life skills. I hope to inspire the next generation to chase their dreams and stick with their passion for the arts. Whether or not a child goes on to have a career in the arts, being creative and having artistic talent is a gift that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.