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Bryan Rosenthal

History & Russian; Internship

Bryan Rosenthal interned with the U.S. Department of State in Uzbekistan.

What were your primary responsibilities?
As an intern I had the opportunity to rotate through several different divisions within the U.S. embassy including the Management, Public Diplomacy, Political/Economic and Consular divisions.  Each division had a unique role and together these experiences gave me the chance to experience a broad array of functions that engage our overseas embassies. I was able to work on several large projects during my ten-week stay. This included reviewing grant applications from local businesses as part of my work in the Public Diplomacy division, compiling a document regarding the activities of the Islamic Development Bank in that country, as well as helping out with the visa application process for hundreds of local citizens.

How did your major program and your time at Ohio State prepare you for this internship?
As a Russian major I was able to go about my daily activities with ease. Activities like grocery shopping and using public transportation were not difficult since I had a working knowledge of the Russian language. In addition to this, taking several courses related to American politics and government gave me insight into working abroad for a government organization.

What did you gain from the experience that will be valuable to you in the future?
There were two very valuable outcomes gained from this internship experience.  One was the opportunity to work full-time in a professional environment that was related to a field I would like to pursue as a career. The second was being able to live abroad in an unfamiliar culture for ten weeks. This gave me a number of new perspectives about life.

What was your favorite part of the internship?
My favorite part of the internship was having the opportunity to live in a little known country and experience a new culture, while at the same time having an experience very similar to that of an American diplomat working in an embassy.

How did you find out about this internship?
I can’t recall the exact way in which I found out about the internship, but I know that I was made aware of it through both the Arts and Sciences Career Services as well as through a friend who had applied.

What advice would you give students who are considering an internship?
I would recommend several things. The first would be to never pass up an opportunity to boost your resume. Assuming the student has not taken part in an internship, joining a club or honor society related to one’s field of study can go a long way. The second would be to not neglect the resources that you have available to you. The Arts and Sciences Career Services office was instrumental in helping me tailor my resume when applying for my internship. Finally, find and apply to as many internships as you can. This will both increase your chances of receiving an internship, as well as give you more of a choice once you receive internship offers.