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Derek DuPont

Communication; Internship

Derek DuPont interned at CD102.5 in Columbus.

What were your responsibilities?
As a Promotions and Marketing Intern at CD102.5 I was able to gain a great deal of experience in various aspects of promotions and marketing. During my time in the office I worked on generating creative content for twitter and Facebook pages, helped update the CD102.5 website, and completed various tasks for the department heads. Outside of the office I attended many different events to assist the radio station with on-site promotions, remote radio broadcasts, even merchandise sales and load-in for band performances!

Given the large number of interns who are OSU students, I was assigned the task of putting together a benefit concert for BuckeyeThon in association with the radio station. This allowed me to practice multiple skills and draw on relationships I had developed as a result of the internship. The more I demonstrated responsibility and drive, the more I was able to be involved with the radio station activities. I learned much more than I could have ever expected as a direct result of my dedication.

How did your major program and your time at Ohio State prepare you for this internship?
My time at Ohio State was crucial to my success in my internship.  The communication skills that I learned across many different courses more than prepared me.  I was able to not only professionally complete the tasks at hand, but to do so with confidence.  Just as important were the courses that I took in my minor.  They helped to inform me about the music business and the entertainment industry in general.  

What did you gain from the experience that will be valuable to you in the future?
There are many ways this internship better prepared me as a professional. I learned how to interact with other professionals both by observing my supervisors and by engaging in communication. I was in many different situations that allowed me to develop my leadership skills through hands-on conflict resolution, creative brainstorming, strategic marketing execution, as well as the practice of many other skill sets. A very important part of this internship was the opportunity to network with a wide variety of professionals within my chosen field of music business. The relationships I developed through this internship will without a doubt have an effect on my future career path.

What was your favorite part of the internship?
My favorite part of the internship was the people I worked with. Because CD102.5 is a small business, I had the privilege of not only meeting all of the staff, but assisting most of them in different aspects of running an independent radio station. The staff and other interns always pushed me to be better. This significantly impacted my outlook on entering the professional world.

How did you find out about this internship?
I found out about this internship through the FutureLink resource offered by the Arts and Sciences Career Services office. I also acquired a second internship with Nationwide Insurance and a part-time job with Event Marketing Strategies through FutureLink.

What advice would you give to students who are considering an internship?
I would advise students to get the most possible out of their internship experience. It’s important to look for opportunities to showcase your strengths and add value to the business you are interning with. Most of all, be sure and network! This is something that I did not do very well at the start of my internship. I later developed my ability to network with the professionals in my career field so that I now hold positions in areas that I aspire to work in. You never know who you may impress and what that relationship may lead to.