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Emma Baranski

Arts Management

Emma Baranski, a fourth-year from Connecticut, is studying arts management with a minor in dance. She is part of Ohio State’s synchronized swim team. This summer Baranski is moving to Northern California to train for the world synchronized swimming championships. Worlds will take place in Budapest, Hungary in July and Baranski will be one of the team captains. In addition to her swimming accolades, Baranski found time to intern at Paul Taylor Dance Company in New York City.


Why did you pick Ohio State?

Ohio State has one of the best synchronized swim teams in the country.

What was your experience like interning for Paul Taylor Dance Company?

I was a marketing intern for Paul Taylor Dance Company. I got to learn the behind the scenes of a well-known national studio. I worked with archives, analyzing ticket sales, creating a promotional brochure and more.

What was your favorite part about interning with Paul Taylor?

My favorite part was meeting all the dancers and building connections. Everyone at the company had artistic or dance backgrounds. Overall, it’s a really great company.

How do synchronized swimming, arts management and dance all come together to fit your future career goals?

All three have an artistic base. Both dance and synchronized swimming are extremely artistic sports. You have to think creatively every single day and create choreography. Arts management is all about problem solving and working with people.

How has being involved in a sport helped you in your academics?

Synchronized swimming has made me focused. During synchronized swimming you have to hold your breath, perform and tread, which takes a lot of focusing. It also has taught me to become skilled at multitasking. Both of these skills are transferable to my academic life. The athletic department makes school a priority.

What are your future plans?

My long-term goal is to own a dance studio. Right now I am student teaching dance at a middle school and then I will be focusing on training for worlds. 

Emma Baranski, recent @ASCatOSU grad & @OSU_synchro member, on being a student athlete and future plans #ASCDaily

By Samantha Ruwe, ASC Communications Student