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Kaitlyn Snyder

Junior, Sociology

In April 2019, Kaitlyn Snyder, a junior studying sociology, was announced as one of Ohio State's 150 Sesquicentennial Scholars — 32 of which are in the Arts and Sciences. The Sesquicentennial Student Leader Scholarship program aims to increase access and affordability, as well as recognize students’ academic and non-academic accomplishments and diverse interests.

Why did you choose your major?

I chose my major because while building a strong scientific foundation is extremely important to having success in the medical field, I believe that having an understanding of people, their relationships and how social institutions shape their lives is becoming increasingly valuable. I am hoping to attend physician assistant school after graduating from Ohio State. As a physician assistant, I know that I will be working with a diverse population of people, and it is my conviction that having a health perspective that extends beyond biology and the physical nature of illness and injury to include factors like socioeconomic status, race and gender will only make me more qualified to serve my community.

What does being a Sesquicentennial Scholar mean to you?

Being a Sesquicentennial Scholar has been a beautiful opportunity to continue to grow as a leader and to represent an institution that has profoundly shaped my life. I love Ohio State because it has the ability to draw people in and tie them together. Through my experiences here, I have become closer to my family, created powerful bonds and met mentors who inspire. I am so thrilled that I get to participate in celebrating 150 years of the absolute force of people that is The Ohio State University.

Explain what you love about being the College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio State.

I love being in the College of Arts and Sciences because living in a dynamic and changing world, we need a multidimensional education. Our communities are filled with people who have different values, different perspectives and different strengths. The College of Arts and Sciences is important because like the world, it is heterogeneous. Its students have different interests and different ideas and as a result, the college creates a sort of microcosm of society. I am extremely grateful to learn from and grow alongside students whose paths will surely wind in every which way.

How do you hope to inspire the next generation?

I hope I can inspire the next generation of Buckeyes to fully embrace everything that is their Ohio State experience. College has the potential to be transformative if you let it, and my advice to future students would be to dive in to a diverse range of activities and to have the courage to make positive change in the university and in the community.