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Allison Bean Ellawadi

Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching, 2017

Allison Bean Ellawadi, assistant professor, speech and hearing science, is the recipient of the 2017 Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching.

Ellawadi encourages students’ interests and learning and leads others by example. She dedicates her time, experience and expertise to students in and outside of the classroom, at lab meetings, student/departments events and she continually searches out and encourages the potential she sees in others.

Ellawadi teaches Autism Spectrum Disorders and Introduction to Communication and Its Disorders and Research Methods. Her research focuses on language development in individuals with autism spectrum disorders and the role of domain-general processes in language development. She has presented her work at national and international conferences.  

A graduate student who nominated Ellawadi for the award, says of Ellawadi’s teaching style, that she is “a professor who creates a dynamic learning environment. She sets high standards for academic achievement/excellence because she sees potential in her classes. She finds the potential in each individual and never hesitates to encourage learning/growth. She is an impeccable teacher and mentor.”

Ellawadi is known for her commitment to ensuring that her students are successful both inside and out of the classroom. She always makes herself available to students, and acknowledges the differences in students and caters to those differences in order to allow students to be successful.  

“Dr. Ellawadi has really set my heart on becoming a speech-language pathologist,” wrote one of Ellawadi’s undergraduate students. “Her passion for her profession is evident, and she is incredibly motivating and encouraging.”