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Joanna Spanos

February 2016 Above and Beyond Buckeye Award Winner

Joanna Spanos, academic advisor for the ASC honors program, is the February 2016 Above and Beyond Buckeye Award winner.

Spanos was nominated by Lindsey Thaler, director of undergraduate studies, physics.

I've worked with Dr. Joanna Spanos as a fellow academic advisor for almost eight years,” said Thaler. “She goes above and beyond to mentor her students and provide them not only with information regarding the honors program, but information about life and success. I myself have gone to her for advice and always leave feeling better and I know she extends the same treatment to other advisors on campus.”

According to Thaler’s nomination letter, Spanos is looked to as a wise, generous, friendly and helpful person who helps mentor new (and not‐so‐new) advisors on campus. “This is something she does not have to do, but does it with a smile on her face.”

Recently, Spanos and several other honors’ advisors developed a new mentoring program for first year students. The new program required Spanos and others to put together and train a team of upper class student volunteers to be assigned to the new students.

“Joanna and her fellow advisors manage the entire program and they presented this model to other advisors during the 2015 Ohio State Advising Conference,” explained Thaler. “The model has since been adopted by many others on campus.”

“This was not a required project, but Joanna saw a need to connect freshmen with upperclassmen and took on this huge, time‐consuming project and turned it in to an incredibly successful program that others on campus are looking to incorporate in to their areas."