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Shari Speer

President and Provost’s Award for Distinguished Faculty Service, 2020

Shari Speer, a professor and associate dean of academic affairs in the graduate school of the Department of Linguistics, has received the university’s President and Provost’s Award for Distinguished Faculty Service, which annually recognizes up to three tenure-track, clinical or research faculty members whose contributions have made documentable impact on the quality of the university.

Recipients will have served in leadership roles or in similar capacities, while having also maintained an active program of research, scholarship or creative work.

An expert in psycholinguistics and spoken language processing, Speer works on research concerning the relationship between language production and comprehension with a particular focus on contributions from intonation and prosodic structure. Speer has been at Ohio State since 2000.

Professor Speer has truly distinguished herself as an extraordinary mentor for junior faculty, postdoctoral researchers and students,” said one of Speer’s nominators. “She has had a direct impact on the career trajectories of at least a dozen faculty in linguistics and other departments, through her engaged intellectual contributions to their research and her exemplary faculty development in the domains of teaching, leadership and service.”

“[Speer] brings with her an ethic of high-quality work combined with a commitment to fairness, tolerance and patience,” said another nominator. “She implements these values with a generosity of spirit that helps all of us do everything better. She is always a voice in favor of doing things in a way that will help more people do well over the long haul.”

Speer and other recipients will each receive a cash award and base salary increase from the Office of Academic Affairs.