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Lisa Florman

President and Provost's Award for Distinguished Faculty Service, 2019

Lisa Florman, professor and chair of the Department of History of Art, has received the President and Provost’s Award for Distinguished Faculty Service, which annually recognizes up to three tenure-track, clinical or research faculty members whose contributions have made documentable impact on the quality of the university.

Recipients will have served in leadership roles or in similar capacities, while having also maintained an active program of research, scholarship or creative work.

“Professor Florman has, in short, proved herself to be both a tireless and highly strategic leader and advocate for the Department of History of Art,” one of Florman’s colleagues wrote. “It has been extremely rare to encounter a member of our community who [like Florman] throws her- or himself into all areas of engagement with equal gusto — and even more rarely, with equal success.”

“She serves the mission of this university as a tireless advocate for the central role of liberal arts in undergraduate education,” said another.

Florman and other recipients will each receive a cash award and base salary increase from the Office of Academic Affairs.