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Teppei Kiyosue

Provost’s Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Lecturer, 2020

Teppei Kiyosue, lecturer in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literature, has received the Provost’s Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Lecturer, which annually recognizes up to six lecturers, senior lecturers or other associated faculty members for their teaching excellence.

“I’ve observed his classes, heard about his teaching and supervisory work from both his students and TAs teaching under his coordination, and have many times reviewed his student course evaluations,” wrote one of Kiyosue’s colleagues. “In my view, he is quite deserving of the Provost’s Award.”

“Mr. Kiyosue is the most hardworking language teaching I have ever had,” wrote a student. “He is always energetic in his work, which would in turn rub off on his students. He is an excellent teacher and made learning the Japanese language, which is a very difficult language for native English speakers, feel quite manageable and much easier than it really is.”

Recipients of the award are nominated by students, faculty, staff and alumni, and they are recognized with a $5,000 honorarium supported by the Office of Academic Affairs.