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Eduan Martinez-Soto

Provost’s Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Lecturer, 2020

Department of Mathematics lecturer Eduan Martinez-Soto has received the Provost’s Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Lecturer, which annually recognizes up to six lecturers, senior lecturers or other associated faculty members for their teaching excellence.

“(Martinez-Soto is) one of the most caring and motivational teachers I've had,” wrote one of Martinez-Soto’s students. “Soto took time to ensure that students were engaged and learning throughout, and he was a huge success in our class and I'm sure all others he has taught.”

“Every morning, he greets us as if we’re his favorite part of his day. I constantly think to myself during class, ‘You really love doing this,’” another student wrote. “This is a breath of fresh air, making the transition from high school less stressful. ... He has so much confidence in us excelling in math that I’m starting to have confidence in myself.”

Recipients are recognized with a $5,000 honorarium made possible by the Office of Academic Affairs.