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8 Performances

Performances from Panoply Performance Laboratory, Future Death Toll, OSU Professor Robert Ladislas Derr (Art), and several Department of Art graduate students. Free and open to the public.


11:30 – 11:50              Chris Harvey
11:55 – 12:55              Future Death Toll
1:00 – 1:20                  Nayeon Yang
1:25 – 1:45                  Adrian Waggoner
1:50 – 2:15                  Robert Ladislas Derr
2: 20 – 2:40                 Sarah Shultz
2:45 – 3:05                  Blake Turner
3:10 – 4:10                  Panoply Performance Laboratory
4:15 – 5:00                  Discussion / Wrap up

Panoply Performance Laboratory (Esther Neff and Brian McCorkle) is unbounded by discipline or field, we collect ourselves around processes, theorizing social systems, ideological structures, modes of production, and epistemic genealogies via actions, relational constructs, images, noise, text, interactions, and objects. Past projects have included a durational diner, a silviculture museum, happenings, full-length operas, workshops, solo and duo actions, conferences, concerts, gallery exhibitions, and large-scale collaborative works of constructional institutional critique. Often focusing on conflicts between individualism and collectivity, PPL’s engagements have included residencies across from the NY Stock Exchange on Wall Street and at community colleges, settlement houses, squats, and in other spaces across social spheres. PPL takes one USA tour and one International tour each year, devising site-and-context-specific work outside of their home city of Brooklyn, where PPL is also the name of a studio performance space.

The title of piece: MAROONING

Description: MAROONING is a series of site-and-context specific performances and performance lectures which attempt to index aspects and characteristics of any single situation and any individual humans present. Full of faults, mistakes, and failure, these attempts split at the seams, exposing emotional currents, agencies, intersubjectivities, and other non-parsable forces of energetic chaos. Ultimately, we are fragile bodies marooned between consciousness and cause, between location and perspective, and between the social contracts of collective action and the private horrors of physical sensation.

Future Death Toll Info:

Forged from the figurative beauty that dance, sound, and music provides, FUTURE DEATH TOLL aims to introduce work that uses light, sound, and movement as a metaphorical stand-in for issues like mortality, death, diseases, prison as a corporation, intellectual property rights, and subjective destitution. Pondering questions like: how can we make performances with people not in the same room? Would that also work for several performers in several different places? Would this create or fill a void? How can this engage the public? What’s the most minimal amount of material required to conceptually encapsulate the relevant point? How can we heighten the sense of the present? how are we going to choreograph these disparate movements? These questions become fodder for communication & collaboration between a small, but by no means exclusive, group of performers. Poems, trash bags, heavy breathing, sweat, hair clippers, and orange provide transcendent beauty in an otherwise somber landscape.

TITLE: talk of the town

Professor Robert Ladislas Derr

For Derr, life is a performance–it sets the stage for his making. He translates the world around him through visual manifestations that leave the viewers with a sideways glance. In today’s performance, Derr will ask the viewers to consider, what is university.