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Arts and Humanities Lecture: James Genova, "Africa in the World: Trascending the Nightmare of the Past"

James Genova, history, Ohio State Marion Campus, presents “Africa in the World: Transcending the Nightmare of the Past” as part of the 2014-2015 Arts and Humanities Inaugural Lecture Series.

This lecture examines the struggle for liberation and development through the lens of early West African cinema during the transition from colonial rule to political sovereignty. It explores broad theoretical frameworks for analyzing historical processes as well as the construction of personal and communal identities in the context of “doing” African history. In the tradition of the progenitors of West African film, the paper situates the African experience in the global context making an argument for a African contribution to globalization while challenging essentialist renderings of Africa and Africans. The story of Africa is at once revelatory of humanity’s fight for a better, more just world and illustrative of the profound structural barriers that inhibit the attainment of that vision.

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