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ASC Teaching Forum – Assessment: Alternatives to High-Stakes Testing

The College of Arts and Sciences Office of Distance Education will host a teaching forum to discuss formative and summative assessment in distance learning courses. Faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences will share their experiences with alternative assessment methods and experts will share some effective strategies for assessing student learning. 

Anticipated Outcomes

By the end of the session, participants will be able to… 

  • Use formative assessment to check for understanding and increase student engagement 
  • Create varied and useful assessments that promote academic integrity - Design courses with assessments firmly aligned to instructional objectives 
  • Develop a toolbox of methods and strategies to choose from based on assessment goals 

Teaching Forum Panelists

Dr. Chris Manion (The Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing)
Professor Karen Winstead (Department of English)
Professor Wendy Panero (School of Earth Sciences)
Dr. Danielle Schoon (Department of Sociology & Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)

** Panelists are planning this discussion and may revise description and anticipated outcomes before the Teaching Forum Event.

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