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Bebe Miller Digital Book Talk

Dance Fort is an intimate look at the inner workings of the Bebe Miller Company and the creative process behind its production A History, told through rehearsal videos, journal notes, email exchanges and more.

Join us for a public talk with The Ohio State University’s Bebe Miller, Distinguished Professor, arts and humanities; and professor, dance. Miller recently released a new digital book, Dance Fort, which brings readers an interactive look into the creative process behind the Bebe Miller Company’s production, A History. She will discuss the Bebe Miller Company, her work in performing arts and the production process of creating Dance Fort.

Miller will provide an inside look into Dance Fort as an interactive archive containing multimedia, details and resources of the Bebe Miller Company, many of which are not shared with general audiences. 

"As a choreographer and director, I share the creative conversation with my collaborators over years of development, great discussions and epiphanies, the wonderful tedium and zing of studio practice," Miller said. "As a dance company, we share the finished product with our audiences. Now, with Dance Fort: A History, we've made something new that moves between both perspectives, inviting readers, viewers, listeners, into our conversation.

"The technology behind the digital book creates a forum that'smaneuverable and accessible for audiences, and gives artiststhe chance to actually see what's there, to set up new approaches thatare responsive and interactive. Audiences can roam around behind thescenes while sitting at their kitchen table, and we, the artists, can do the same."

The talk will be April 2, 4-5 p.m. in 220 Sullivant Hall, with reception to follow in the Sullivant Hall Rotunda. This event is hosted by Department of Dance, Office of Distance Education and eLearning, and College of Arts and Sciences.