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Cooperation in the Face of Complexity: The Future of Water Governance

In this talk, Professor Mark Lubell considers the future of water governance as the effects of climate change are being felt in regions all across the  world. Drawing upon extensive empirical research and experimental modeling of watershed governance, he will explore how cooperation problems often serve as the cause of many environmental conflicts.

Mark Lubell is Professor and Director of the Center for Environmental Policy and Behavior, University of California-Davis. His research focuses on human behavior and the role of governance institutions in solving collective action problems and facilitating cooperation. The collective action problems associated with environmental policy provide a laboratory for his research.  Professor Lubell’s current projects include watershed management, environmental activism, agricultural best management practices, and institutional change in local governments.  He also works in experimental economics and simulation techniques to further explore collective action theory. With over 6300 citations and 38 h-index publications, his work is both widely cited and highly regarded.

More information about Professor Lubell and his work can be found here.