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Food Security & Healthy Communities - Panel Discussion

Nearly 11 percent of the world’s population are food insecure or malnourished, and it may get worse: by 2050 farmers will need to produce almost 60 percent more food than currently. In Franklin County Ohio food insecurity is affecting neighborhoods such as Franklinton, the South Side and East Linden. The type of food that is available to residents in these neighborhoods also plays into food insecurity. People who live in areas that do not have easy access to supermarkets tend to rely on stores that sell nutritional deficient or more expensive food. Transportation services, sidewalks, and the availability of crosswalks are also variables in residents’ access to healthy food options.

Our panel consists of experts from the City of Columbus - Cheryl L Graffagnino, Franklin County - Brian Estabrook, OSU Extension - Karima Samadi, and the College of Engineering, Knowlton School of Architecture - Kareem Usher. Our panel will bring new insights into the topic of food security and hopefully answer questions we have as it related to food security and our community.