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"Hypertense" Exhibition

Reception: Thursday, July 2, 3-4 p.m.

For five days, Melissa Precise and Sa’dia Rehman will occupy Hopkins Hall Gallery, transforming it into a workshop, canvas and gym. Confusing the distinction between process and product, Precise and Rehman will undergo a series of physical-aesthetic challenges that combine body-sculpting with mark-making in the space. Artists’ bodies are used in several strenuous ways to execute a project to its fullest potential, often pushing their bodies to create objects and documents for display. During this project, Precise and Rehman's physical labor is both the source and the byproduct of the art they make. Each day they will leave behind residual ephemera in the space. They will place both the laboring process, and the products of their labor on display for viewers to observe from the gallery windows.

For more information, visit the Hopkins Hall Gallery website.