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Impermanent Durations: On Painting and Time (part 4)

Admission is free and open to the public.

The experimental project, Impermanent Durations, was initiated against the backdrop of a long-standing conversation about the possibilities of painting between three established international artists, Beth Harland (United Kingdom), David Thomas (Australia) and Ian Woo (Singapore). This led to initial exhibitions in Melbourne and Singapore in 2016. Laura Lisbon (United States) was invited to join the collaborative team for the third iteration in the United Kingdom in 2017.

Impermanent Durations: On Painting and Time (part 4) builds upon and extends the collaborative process developed in the three previous exhibitions. The artists bring works and materials to the site and collaborate together for a week in response to the exhibition space and each other’s work. This experimental exhibition engages with concepts of time and site-sensitivity as the condition and experience of painting. Developed here within this fourth exhibition space, the international scope of the artists brings a rich interplay of approaches to concepts of time and duration in painting.