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Life Beyond Degree Film Studies, Part 2: Virtual Alumni Panel

Students will have the chance to engage in a virtual alumni panel about how the alumni have gotten to where they are in their careers. Students will also have the opportunity to build community with other Film Studies students through a reflective group activity.

Panelists include:

  • Matt Stoessner – Motion Graphics Designer at OSU (In-person)
  • Allyse Maneoff – Senior Content Producer at Dobly Laboratories (Virtual)
  • Eric Neeb – Senior Video Producer @ OSU College of Education and Human Ecology (In-person)

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Life Beyond Degree connects students to department alumni (or alumni from related majors) for the purpose of introducing career paths that may not be immediately apparent, highlighting emerging industry trends, and supporting the development of career readiness competencies among Arts and Sciences students.

This event is open to all Arts and Sciences Students and will be particularly beneficial to those in these Career Communities:

Journalism, Sports, Entertainment and Production icon Visual, Written and Performing Arts icon

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