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Quantum Social Science Bootcamp

The Mershon Center is happy to announce registration is now open for the first-of-its-kind Quantum Social Science Bootcamp being held July 12-16 in a virtual format.

The bootcamp is intended to introduce students and scholars at all stages, from across the social sciences, to the potential utility of quantum theory for their work. At the heart of the quantum social science project is the question of whether the classical framework that currently dominates the social sciences, which is rooted in a 19th century materialist and reductionist worldview, as well as classical probability theory and logics, is in fact warranted in the study of conscious, seemingly entangled systems like the mind and society.

Registration is open until the start of the camp on July 12, however, we would appreciate receiving registration by June 1 so programming can be organized accordingly for afternoon sessions and specialized topics.

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