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OUAB: Hacking the (Academic) Job Market

OUAB Grad/Prof in collaboration with representatives from The Professor Is In, the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and The Graduate School will be presenting a full-day workshop titled “Hacking the Academic Job Market”. This is tailored for individuals who are interested in applying for faculty positions and complements the Academic Job Search Series hosted during fall semester.

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Part 1:

  • Introduction to the Academic Job Market
  • Graduate School As a Means to a Job

This 90 minute workshop is a compendium of the basic advice every tenure track job seeker needs to know, from the ethos of the search committee to how to prep for an interview.  Addresses what makes a competitive record, effective job documents, and more.

Part 2

  • How To Write an Academic Job Application–Cover Letter and CV

This 90 minute segment provides line by line, paragraph by paragraph guidance on how to construct the two most essential elements of the tenure track job application–the cover letter and CV.  Shows the most common mistakes (including hyper-emotionalism and pandering), and how to correct them to showcas the facts and evidence of your record.

Part 3

  • Interviewing and Campus Visits
  • Negotiating Your Tenure Track Offer

The day will end talking about how to ace the academic interview and campus visit, and the most common errors made by candidates in interviews, and how to correct them. This includes scripts for successful interviewing preparation. Dr. Kelsky will discuss the elements of a typical academic job negotiation, explanation for what can and can’t be expected based on size, type and rank of institution. She will also address the question of the rescinded offer, show common misunderstandings and pitfalls, and provide scripts for successful negotiations.