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Side Effects: Paintings by Patrick McDonnell 2016-2021

On view at Urban Arts Space

Patrick McDonnell has been an artist for over 40 years. Best known for MUTTS, he has always made personal and abstract paintings while drawing comics and illustrations for publication. During the turmoil and isolation of the past few years, McDonnell's paintings have literally exploded - in volume and intensity. In this exhibition of over 50 large canvases, McDonnell juxtaposes the painterly gesture of abstract expressionism with the simple inked beauty of classic comic characters.  This is the first time the public will get to see the private side of McDonnell's art where his masterful line and expression shifts scale and intensity to surround us in an atmosphere of humor, dread and hope.

Image: Patrick McDonnell, "Happy Hooligan (Descending A Staircase)." Photo courtesy of the artist. 

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