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'trace layer play'

'trace layer play' is an immersive research incubator hosted by members of the Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy first-year PhD cohort. 'trace layer play' is designed to identify, visualize and chart the cohort's research trajectories as a group. Through mapping, inductive and deductive reasoning, and material-led thinking processes, these researchers will articulate their research trajectories as they are situated within a larger research community. The title, 'trace layer play,' illuminates the active process of delineating, overlapping and connecting ideas.

This collaborative project will transform Hopkins Hall Gallery into a laboratory for developing socially dynamic and paradigm-shifting research. Recordings of dialog, sonic interventions, viewer remote and analog input will be layered into the installation. Individual research maps can trace, layer and play when they become material, in an immersive, collaborative and corporeal space. Researchers engage their thinking process using visualization strategies with a goal of developing ideas for their dissertation topics in quickly changing and unpredictable times.

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