back to news May 20, 2021

Anonymous donors gift $25K to Arts and Sciences Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Student Support Fund

By Kristin Gonterman

The past year has been one of struggle, grief, pain and frustration for many in the United States and across the Buckeye community. The pandemic created uncertainty as we isolated from each other and wondered when the world would return to normal. Amid this uncertainty, the question of race relations, equity and diversity came into the forefront of the national dialogue as we collectively witnessed events that highlighted the socioeconomic divisions in our communities.

Motivated by their personal commitment to social justice, anonymous donors with long ties to the university contributed a $25,000 gift to the Arts and Sciences Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Student Support Fund.

“Access to and graduation with a degree from Ohio State can be very useful and effectively launch someone on a beloved and financially stable career path,” the donors said. “The commitment of time, effort and money it takes for young people to get through a degree program is significant, and we wanted to offer some financial assistance to those on their way but needing some support.”

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) promotes diversity across the university. This anonymous gift provides direct support to retain students in the College of Arts and Sciences who have overcome substantial educational or economic obstacles.

“We are keenly aware of the difficulty many students have affording college, and hope our modest contributions provide both a practical benefit and an emotional lift to those deserving students receiving them," the donors said. "With all the options available for giving, we tend to prioritize those with the most direct impact between the donation and the beneficiaries, making scholarships a natural choice.”

The donors are a multi-generation Buckeye family. “We are both graduates of Ohio State and the College of Arts and Sciences. Two of our three children are also Buckeyes. We all need a sense of community, of belonging. There is something a bit magical about feeling connected to Ohio State tradition.”

Thanks to the contributions from donors in our extended Buckeye family, students in Arts and Sciences will continue to thrive and enter the world as engaged citizens.