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Upperclassmen advice and resources for ASC students

What do you wish you would've known about college life as an incoming freshman?

Lyn Wilson, communications

Overall, just taking care of yourself. I got sick a lot my freshman year. And that includes mental health — don’t forget to have fun! College is supposed to be fun. It’s really hard, but I think when classes get really hard we kind of forget that it’s supposed to be fun."

Ryan Wilkins, biomedical science

That everybody else was searching for friends, too."

Precious Amponsah, neuroscience

You don't have to know exactly what you want to do, but be in the right mindset to figure it out."

Joe Lafferty, marketing

Focus on your grades as a freshman. It’s harder to flip a bad grade than it is to maintain a good one.”

Elizabeth Ohl, animal sciences

To utilize office hours more! I was worried that because classes were so big that professors wouldn't know me, but they want to help!"

Rachel Thompson, sports industry

Discipline. Figure it out because the most important thing in college is discipline. You don’t have to be the smartest kid in the room, but if you have the discipline, you’ll figure it out and you'll get through it."

Devin Burkhart, finance

Look for on-campus jobs. That was something that opened lots of opportunities for me as far as networking and connecting with Ohio State people and clubs.”

During Welcome Week, the college also reminds and encourages new or returning students to take advantage of the many Arts and Sciences resources at their disposal, including: 

Center for Career and Professional Success 

Get advice from career coaches, attend events that connect you to employers and get matched with alumni in your desired field and potential internships that will set you up for life after graduation. 

Explore Tool

Have a bunch of interests but aren't sure what your next step is? Let the Arts and Sciences explore tool give you some inspiration.

ASC Advising

Need to add or drop a course or schedule an advising appointment? Arts and Sciences advising provides comprehensive degree planning for undergraduate students.

Scholarships and Grants 

With an array of merit and need-based scholarships, scholarships that support research and creative activity, and those that support education abroad, the college offers plenty of opportunities to offset tuition costs. 

Majors & Minors

With more than 80 majors and 100 minors, the Arts and Sciences has the largest larest academic reach at Ohio State.

Additional university resources: